Jenelle Evans Defends David Eason After He’s Accused Of Harassing ‘Teen Mom 2’ Producers

Jenelle Evans’ husband, David Eason, recently appeared to heckle MTV producers, but the ‘Teen Mom 2’ star is standing by her man — again — saying he was only joking!

David Eason, 30, the husband of Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans, 26, seemed to be bitter over receiving the boot from the hit reality show when he recently heckled the MTV camera crew during filming. The disgraced star pulled up to a field where the crew was filming for the upcoming ninth season and began to shout at them from his car. David shared the debacle during an Instagram live video on Nov. 3 as he sat in the parking lot where Jenelle’s 9-year-old son, Jace, was playing soccer. And while fans were shocked to see the disturbing display, Jenelle is standing by her man once again and EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife that, “David was just making a joke.”

“The crew knows David was playing around,” the mother-of-three explained. “My security guard, André, came up and asked David how he was doing and ‘hopes to see him soon.’ My director even spoke to David as well and said, ‘Hey,’ really quick after packing up.” David, who is known for his outspoken ways, was fired from Teen Mom 2 after a series of homophobic posts shared on his now-deleted Twitter page. Jenelle is still filming, but David is no longer a part of the show. “The crew knew David was on his way because I told them,” the North Carolina native added. “They knew David was coming to watch Jace’s soccer game, like he usually does every Saturday. It’s not a big deal and everyone’s making it seem that way.”

Jenelle and David recently made headlines once again after an alarming 911 call was released on Oct. 18 amid reports that the reality star was allegedly involved in a violent altercation with her husband on Oc. 13.  The four-minute 911 call revealed the reality star crying out, “My husband assaulted me. He pinned me down on the ground in the yard, and I think I heard my f***ing collarbone crack, and I can’t move my arms.” Jenelle explained to the operator that she believed David got violent because he was drinking. However, since the incident, she took to her Instagram stories for a Q&A with fans on Nov. 5 and made it clear she had no problem with her husband. When asked about his reputation as a racist, she said, “I’m so f**king sick of it honestly. It really saddens me, everyone’s family’s are filmed and not ours. You won’t hardly see the kids this season or my house at all. I’ll stand by my husband no matter WHAT HAPPENS.”

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