Jason Aldean & Miranda Lambert Bring The House Down At CMAs With ‘Drowns The Whiskey’

Yee-haw! Jason Aldean and Miranda Lambert rocked the 2018 CMAs. On country music’s biggest night, the two toasted everyone with a great performance of ‘Drowns The Whiskey’.

It’s time to raise your class to Miranda Lambert, 35, and Jason Aldean, 41. The two teamed up for a duet at the 2018 Country Music Association Awards on Nov. 14. The two sang their ode to Jack Daniels and heartbreak, “Drowns The Whiskey.” Considering Miranda is an expert in that (shout out to Blake Shelton), she was the perfect partner for Jason’s song, and the two proved it at the CMAs. Their performance was simple, yet stunning. They just performed side-by-side onstage, their voices and guitars at the center of everything. Miranda, of course, looked like a million bucks in a sparkly, blue jumpsuit. God, they’re just so good together!

“Miranda and I have known each other for a long time,” Jason told ABC Radio in August. “I tell people all the time we sort of started off in this business together. We sort of came up in the business together and toured a lot together back when we were first getting started. And I think her and I have always kinda had a mutual respect for each other and the types of music that we do.”

“And I worked with her on a song on my second album called ‘Grown Woman,’ ” he said, “that I always thought was really cool, and just kinda wanted to do something else with her. I had an idea for a song on this album,” he added, “and I sent her the song and she wasn’t blown away by the song. She was kinda iffy on the song that I sent. And I told her, ‘Listen, if you don’t like it, if you’re not loving the song, let’s find something else to do. We’ll find something cool.’ And so I sent her another song that I had that I thought was really cool that would work. And it was ‘Drowns the Whiskey’ and she loved that song.”

Prior to the CMA Awards, Miranda actually took a shot at sexism in the radio industry. “Drowns The Whiskey” is Miranda’s first chart-topper in six years. “Yes, I had to sing with someone with a penis to get a No. 1,” she told the Washington Post. “It is interesting that I haven’t even had a top 20 in a long, long time.  And then it goes No. 1 because it’s a dude.”

Jason and Miranda collaborated on the Brett James/Hillary Lindsey written “Grown Woman” track off of Jason’s Relentless album, and this “Drowns The Whiskey” duet nearly didn’t happen, all because of Tyler Farr, 34. “Funny thing about that song, it’s Tyler Farr,” Jason told CMT.com. “I can’t remember if he had the song or if the song got sent to me, and I played it for him, and I can’t remember exactly how it went down. But at any rate, he wasn’t really into the song,”

“And I kept talking him into recording it, and he just wasn’t feeling it or whatever,” Jason added. “I told him, ’If you’re not going to cut this, I am.’ “ After seeing that CMA performance, it’s a great thing that he did.

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