‘It’s like a miracle:’ Identical twin sisters give birth to girls on the same night

Identical twins gave birth to daughters on the same night in Fresno, Calif. (Photo: Fresno Bee/YouTube)

Growing up, identical twins BaoNhia and BaoKou Yang didn’t like to do anything without each other.

So maybe it was fated that they would have babies at the same time.

And that’s exactly what happened this week when the 23-year-old twins gave birth to daughters on the same night. BaoNhia told the Fresno Bee it felt like something divine.

“Maybe it’s like a miracle,” she said. 

These newborn babies at @CommunityMed are cousins, born one hour apart last night. But guess what? Their moms are TWIN SISTERS!! ?These twins say they’ve done everything together… but never thought they’d be pregnant together and have babies together! More in my story,tonight! pic.twitter.com/ODN5DdyKsd

The twins’ due dates were actually two days apart. BaoKou’s was Nov. 11 and BaoNhia’s was Nov. 13. But they both went into labor early and on the same day. 

On Sunday, Nov. 4, BaoKou gave birth at 6:59 p.m. to Nadalie Xiong. At  8:48 p.m. that night, BaoNhia gave birth to Candra Thao, according to the Fresno Bee.

The newborns each weighed at least 7 pounds, with Nadalie having an additional 3 ounces on her cousin. 

The identical twins are thrilled their daughters will share a birthday, the same way they do.

The twin mothers even shared a room at the hospital. While BaoNhia has two older daughters and lives a city away from BaoKou, the twins say they remain close and their daughters will, too. 

“They’re going to be playing around together, seeing each other,” BaoKou said.

Watch twins cuddle their daughters

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