Is There a Postcredits Scene in Suspiria? Yes, and Here's Why It's Important

Warning: massive spoilers for the end of Suspiria below!

By the time the credits begin to roll in Luca Guadagnino’s Suspiria, you’ll probably feel the urge to race out of the theater for a few reasons. The first? Because your bladder is likely about to burst (the movie is over two and a half hours, FYI). And the second? Well, the horror reboot is intense, to say the least.

But there’s a reason you should stick around until the bitter end, or at least force whoever you went to the movies with to do it for you: a brief, bizarre postcredits scene. To be fair, calling it a postcredits scene is, well, false advertising. It’s more of a postcredits shot, to be honest with you.

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