Inside the quirky Christmas hotel which celebrates the festive season all year

If you consider Christmas spirit to be more of a mood than a season, then you need to check in to the Christmas Farm Inn.

As the name suggests, this quirky hotel in New Hampshire, USA, is all about celebrating the best of the festive season. All. Year. Long.

In what seems almost too perfect, the farm itself was originally built as a Christmas gift. Nowadays, it offers holidaymakers to enjoy all the best parts of winter; cosy interiors, hearty feasts, scrumptious hot drinks.

With plenty of festive cheer of course.

For a start, the main inn’s bedrooms are all named after Christmas icons; Mr and Mrs Claus (of course), Santa’s reindeer, and little extras including one room called ‘Sleigh Bells’.

Meanwhile the inn’s living room looks like something from a postcard with its cosy-looking sofas, roaring fireplace – and sometimes the waft of homemade cookies from the kitchen to add to that homely effect.

The restaurant serves up an extensive dinner menu, but of course one of the offerings includes a full turkey dinner complete with all of the trimmings you’d expect for a hearty festive feast.

Oh, and if you fancy a post-dinner tipple, there are plenty of cocktails and beers on offer at the inn’s Mistletoe Pub.

As for the decorations? The inn actually only decorates the property during the actual festive season; but come winter time, it does go all out with bright lights, Santa features and plenty of sweet touches from festive wreaths to themed table settings.

Including the occasional themed cocktail or dessert for guests.

There’s not just the main accommodation on offer – the inn is actually part of a wider resort which includes family-friendly studios and even a glamorous ‘Carriage House Suite’ for those after an extra touch of luxury.

Tempted to stay? You can find rooms from £95 per night on

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