Inside the bunker where the Queen and the Royal Family would have sheltered from a nuclear attack

THIS is the amazing underground bunker that would have saved the lives of the Royal Family and top Government officials in the event of a nuclear attack.

Hidden from site in an overgrown, graffiti-strewn area near Edinburgh, Barnton Quarry houses teh remains one of the UK’s Regional Seats of Government.

It was designed to act as a base for operations in the event of a Soviet attack, in the Cold war, and would also have served as a final refuge for the Queen, Prince Phillip and their four children.

The eerie, abandoned rooms are hardly fit for a Queen – with no hint of any luxury or creature comforts.

The floors are packed dirt or bare wood and dust and rubble litter the vast empty spaces.


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An old telephone exchange is the only remnant of the undergound area's original purpose and a huge metal pipe, big enough for men and women to huddle in, appears to be the main defence against a nuclear blast.

The shots were snapped by Manchester artist, photographer and film maker Andrew Brooks as part of his Secret Cities project.





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