Influencer takes candid pix seconds apart after making ‘peace’ with natural body

At times, social media can be a place where people compare themselves and their lives to those online.

With influencers seeming to be ‘perfect’ and with a lifestyle to match, scrolling through the likes of Instagram can heighten insecurities for many.

However, body positive influencer and writer Sarah Landry has urged her followers to appreciate their bodies and live in the moment.

The mum often shares uplifting content to her 2.1 million Instagram followers in which she shares parts of her life – including the birth of her daughter, Lemmie, last year.

In her most recent post, Sarah has shared moments apart side by side snaps which proves the power of posing.

On the right side snap, the influencer has hiked up her black knickers to her waist – creating the illusion of a cinched waist.

In the left picture, Sarah has lowered her underwear to below her hips to reveal her belly, changing the shape of her figure in seconds.

The content creator has explained she has found “peace” in where her life and body are at currently.

She said: “I am finding so much peace in my right now.

“Yes. On both sides of the image."

Sarah continued:“Not affectionate joy. But merely a being here. Right now.

“To want to rewind leads me to miss the present. To wait to fast forwarding makes me ungrateful for it.

“But here and now. I am just here right now.

“And that, is wildly enough.”

Inspired by Sarah’s body positive post, many people fled to the comments to thank her for sharing her authentic self.

One person commented: “You’ve helped me on my days where I’ve felt pretty down about going “backwards” in my progress.

"Thanks for setting our heads straight!”

Another fan added: “Very much enough and yet so hard to do… thanks for the reminder to be HERE instead of wishing for yesterday or tomorrow.”

A third person praised: “So glad you have that peace. Thank you for being an inspiration. You’ve helped me more than you’ll ever know.”

Someone else voiced: “You help so many normalise their own body. Thank you for always showing up for us.”

And a fifth expressed: “Struggling HARD with my postpartum body and you are making it easier to accept it and love myself.”

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