‘Improvement in two weeks’: Face yoga guru Danielle Collins’ jowl busting exercises

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Danielle Collins is a face yoga expert who has seen amazing results and now aims to bring these benefits to her followers. She has appeared on the likes of This Morning to promote her methods. She has 17 years of experience with face yoga and the results speak for themselves with 40-year-old Danielle looking incredible.

She told Express.co.uk: “I am a great believer in combining traditional techniques that have been used for thousands of years, particularly in Eastern medicine, with modern, scientifically proven research.

“This is exactly the combination that you will find in The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method which is a fusion of both.

“In terms of the science (and to answer the question you may be thinking: does Face Yoga actually work?!) face yoga has been proven to make you look three years younger in 20 weeks in a study by dermatologists at Northwestern University.

“Also, a study which was conducted by doctors using my Method on the BBC1 show I appeared on “Twinstitute” showed that Face Yoga can make the skin look one year younger in one month.”

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Danielle’s journey began when she was diagnosed with M.E. age 21.

She turned to yoga and pilates as a way to tackle her symptoms.

The expert was inspired to help others in the same way she helped herself and so completed training.

She soon experienced demands for a way for the face to feel and look healthier, prompting her to create her method.

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Danielle has one jowl-busting routine, featuring a few quick moves to improve the appearance of the lower face.

Best face yoga exercises for jowls

Step one

Use your fingertips to gently tap on the area affected by jowls. This boosts blood circulation.

Step two

Put your hands in fists and massage around the top of your jaw bone, all the way along with the large muscle there.

Massage from the chin back towards the jaw.

This helps to reduce fluid accumulation and wakes up the muscles in the area.

Step three

Take your index and middle fingers and put them into a v-shape.

Then massage along the jaw, from the chin to the back of the jaw.

Step four

Make an “O” shape with your mouth and then move your mouth into a smile shape wrapping your lips around your teeth.

Then place your index finger on your chin and scoop your jaw backward.

Step five

Bring your lips inwards and your lip corners upwards. Place your index finger by the side of your mouth and pull the skin taut to prevent any lines.

Step six

Take two fingers and a thumb of each hand and gently pinch the cheek muscle from the side of the nose down to the chin.

Step seven

Finish by tapping the are again like in step one.

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Another face yoga expert detailed three massages to get rid of a double chin. 

Ksenija Selivanova is a qualified face massage expert and blogger.

Ksenija said: “These techniques work on relaxing the overused and tensed muscles located under our chin.

“The tension causes puffiness and fluid retention.”

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