I'm having naughty hot tub sex with another woman on Friday behind my girlfriend's back and it blows my mind

I am 35 and my partner of two years is 40. She and her ex-husband have two children who spend Friday and Saturday nights with us. They are smashing boys aged nine and seven and I love spending time with them.

I would say that my girlfriend and I are happy and I would like our relationship to lead to marriage one day. When I moved in with her a year ago I got to know her neighbours, as it is a friendly street.

There is one girl who lives down the road. She is 30, absolutely stunning and was newly single after her ex cheated. We hit it off straight away. My girlfriend even noticed and warned me not to go there.

One night I ran into this girl in the local KFC and offered to give her a lift home. I was on my own that night and she suggested we eat our meal together at hers. We had a fun evening chatting, playing music and flirting.

I knew I was heading for trouble but I let it happen anyway. We started kissing and that led to us having sex in her hot tub. Now it’s a regular thing. My girlfriend thinks I go to the pub for a night with the lads while she plays with her sons.

I go home at around midnight and crash out when she’s already asleep. Then we spend a normal weekend doing family stuff. I feel guilty but I just cannot give up seeing this other girl.
The sex is so hot and she blows my mind. Yet it’s my girlfriend I love, not this girl.

I am even thinking of making an excuse to go away for work for a while to save me the heartache of this love triangle.


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DEIDRE SAYS: If you love your girlfriend and want the relationship to lead to marriage, you’re putting it all at risk. Continuing this steamy affair so close to home means it is only a matter of time before you get caught.

If that happens, the trust between you and your girl will never be the same again. Even if she is willing to forgive you, the fall-out of an affair can damage a relationship long-term.

You have mind-blowing sex with this girl – and so you can with your girlfriend. It can be even better, because you love one another too. Find the courage to stop straying but treat your relationship the same way you do your affair.

Bring that same excitement to it and you can have all you want to keep you happy at home.

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