I’m an osteopath – here’s why you should NEVER cross your legs | The Sun

IF you've had a long day at work and you're getting ready to relax, then you might not be focused on the way you're sat on the sofa.

But one expert has warned that you should be wary of your position- especially if it's crossed legged.

Taking to TikTok, osteopath Brendon Talbot said you should never cross your legs.

The Canadian guru revealed his top tips for better vein health.

He advised: "While sitting avoid crossing your legs.

"All of the blood from the lower limbs drains into the femoral vein which travels below the inguinal ligament (groin area)."

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Many people cross their legs, whether it's consciously or not.

Doctors have previously suggested that crossing your legs raises your blood pressure slightly.

While varicose veins are another reason why people are told not to cross their legs – as the action is said to disrupt the blood moving to the heart.

While Brendon said you shouldn't cross your legs, he also advised that you get regular exercise.

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"Get regular exercise to keep blood moving through your veins. This doesn't have to be resistance training, it can be something as simple as walking."

He added that just a 30 minute stroll each day could help.

"Everything in the body relies on movement, down to a cellular level", he said.

Maintaining a healthy weight, is another way to keep on top of your vein health, the expert said.

"This will reduce the risk of high blood pressure. High blood pressure may weaken vessel walls over time.

"This internal fat can also put stress on nearby vessels, restricting blood flow and increasing the pressure on the veins", he said.

He said you should also avoid sitting or standing for long periods and you should try and change positions regularly throughout the day.

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"Veins have flap like tissue called valves.

"Muscle contractions help move blood through these valves back to the heart", he explained.

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