I'm a fashion whizz and there are eight ways you're wearing your shoes wrong – it's making your outfit look cheap | The Sun

SHOES can make or break an outfit.

If you wear the wrong style they can instantly ruin the rest of your carefully curated look.

Even if you have the right shoes, you can still wear them the wrong way, at lest according to this fashion pro.

Shea Whitney knows all there is to know about the dos and don'ts of fashion and she recently revealed some of the ways we are all wearing our shoes wrong.

But don't panic just yet, there are some easy fixes.

Knee-high boots

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Knee-high boots are perfect for the colder months when you want an extra layer to keep warm.

But what you wear your favourite pair of knee-highs with is vital to pulling the look off.

"I highly recommend wearing skinny jeans with knee-high boots," She said, adding that wearing the same colour jean as the boot will also help the outfit work better.

If worn correctly they can make your legs look "long and smooth" but if your jeans aren't skinny enough they'll make your boots look lumpy and awkward, according to the pro.

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Boots with dresses

"This is a look which, if done correctly, can look so stylish and unique," Shea explained.

The issue is when your wear a low cut boot the cuts your leg off at the ankle, since this can make you look shorter and ruins your whole outfit.

Instead, opt for a boot that goes slightly above your ankle to look longer and leaner.

White shoes

While white shoes can look expensive if worn with the right outfit, wearing bright white shoes with a dark outfit can clash and cheapen your entire look.

She explained: "It looks very strange and out of place to wear very light shoes with a very dark outfit, and it works the other way as well."

Boots bulge

The shoe lover explained that this is when you tuck the bottom of your jeans into your boots.

The easiest way to avoid this is the cuff your jeans, but if cuffing isn't for you, just opt for some jeans that are slightly shorter than usual for a more expensive and put-together look.

Gym shoes

Wearing your brightly coloured gym shoes with normal outfits will instantly make you look cheap.

Of course, that doesn't mean you can't wear trainers at all, the pro suggested wearing some more dressy styles, or even neural ones, like Converse.

Socks with trainers

The next issue is wearing visible socks with trainers.

Even most ankle socks will poke out the top of your favourite trainers, and they ruin the look, according to the fashion whizz.

"I know, it's a small detail, but it's a big detail," Shea said, suggesting small socks that just cover the bottom of your feet and the tips of your toes instead.

Bold colours and prints

Although bold colours and prints can look great, you have to know what to wear them with or else you run the risk of them looking cheap.

Wearing pretty much anything but neutral colours with bold shoes will be too overwhelming.

"A lot of other colours will just clash," Shea said.

Flared jeans

Although flared jeans can look great, making you look taller and chic, wearing the wrong shoes with them will instantly ruin the entire look.

"The key is to always wear heels," according to the pro.

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"Flares are typically a little bit longer than other types of jeans, so they have a tendency to drag on the floor.

"Then you get that little puddle and the bottom that looks so bad, so a little elevation makes a big difference."

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