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SPLURGING for more expensive outfits will save you hundreds on clothes, according to a personal stylist's golden dollar-per-wear rule.

Kylie Nelson, a bargain hunter on TikTok shared a piece of fashion advice that a personal stylist that she will "never forget."

She started off the video by saying that she acknowledges "that all of us have different price points and budgets for clothing."

However, if you have the money to spend, Nelson suggests shopping "intentionally for investment pieces."

"For every dollar you spend on your clothes is the amount of wears you should get out of that item," the personal stylist told her.

Nelson said: "If you spend $85 on, for example, on a bodysuit then you should get 85 wears from that piece of clothing."

"If you buy a $5 bodysuit or say a $10 bodysuit you're only gonna get five to 10 wears and realistically you're probably gonna get a hole in it way quicker than the $85 one."

She said once she heard this reasoning, "I now look at buying clothes so differently."

"If you do have the budget to spend $10 on a bodysuit compared to $85, I will guarantee you that you will get so much more usage."

Nelson added: "I bet you're gonna have that bodysuit for a couple of years rather than only maybe only a couple of months compared to the $10 bodysuit."

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"If you're having to get a $10 bodysuit every month because the quality is so low-quality then that's 120 bucks right there that you're spending in a year," she explained.

A commenter pointed out a flaw of retailers that doesn't always make this advice true.

"I wish cost actually equated to quality tho. I have basics that I bought from Forever 21 that have outlasted items I bought from A+F & Madewell," she said.

Another commenter suggested taking better care of your cheaper clothes to make them last longer.

She said: "I’ve had items that I’ve purchased for less than $10 that have lasted me about 10 years, it is all about taking care of item as listed on care tag."

Other commenters backed up the Nelson's advice.

"So true my leather jacket was one of my best investments I’ve worn it double what I’ve paid for it," one user wrote.

Another person said: "That is such good advice! People always complain about spending money on jeans, but we wear them so much!"

If you are looking for more ways to save on clothes, a money-savings expert shared how he gets designer clothes for cheap.

This TikToker uses a website that sells your favorite brands without the logo for an affordable price.

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