Ice-T Finally Ate A Bagel For The First Time, But Let’s Just Say He’s Not The Biggest Fan

A funny thing happened earlier this month. One of the stars of Law & Order: SVU — a show that is set and filmed in bagel-famous New York City — confessed that he’d never eaten a bagel before. Fans on Twitter were in disbelief. Well, Ice-T just explained his bagel-less life during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and well … let’s just say that this heated controversy likely still isn’t over.

The whole thing started on Nov. 9, when a fan on Twitter asked the rapper what his favorite kind of bagel was. "Lol. I’ve never eaten a Bagel in my life," he replied. "You had a cinnamon raisin one on SVU," another fan retorted. "Lol. TV is make believe," Ice-T assured them.

After that, things escalated quickly. Most fans just could not understand how, in all 60 years of his life, Ice-T had never indulged in a bagel. Bagels are so common! So delicious! So very there for the spreading of various cream cheeses!

On Nov. 27, Ice-T appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon alongside his SVU costar, Mariska Hargitay. When the host brought up the "big covfefe" about him never having eaten a bagel before, T replied, "Yeah, true."

"You’ve never eaten a bagel?" Fallon pressed on. "I had never eaten a bagel," the rapper confessed, "I’ve eaten one since then."

He then went on to recount the aforementioned details of Bagelgate on Twitter, and when the host incredulously revealed his own disbelief in what Ice-T had said, the rapper explained,

Sure, OK. That’s fair. He wasn’t around bagels growing up, but what about in the years that have since followed? "I ate one the other day," Ice-T finally admitted. "I tasted like, one bite, I felt like I ate a loaf of bread. Why would I eat an unsweetened doughnut?"

Interesting. That is definitely a thought. A bagel kind of *is* an unsweetened doughnut. Sweet or not, though, they’re still pretty tasty. Basically, what it boiled down to for Ice-T, though, was the fact that, "Black people like sweet stuff, in case you didn’t know," he told Fallon. "Can I live?"

Alright, alright, fine. Yes, you can live. With or without bagels, you can live. Life might be better with bagels, but that’s fine. You do you. But question: Has anyone told Ice-T that a bagel-doughnut hybrid exists? Granted, it’s not for everyone, and the general public has had mixed emotions about its inception, but it exists.

When speaking to Fallon, the rapper said that he enjoys jelly doughnuts, in particular, and the hybrids are kind of similar in theory — stuffed with gooey goodness. So, perhaps — just perhaps — if Ice-T agrees to indulge in a bagel-doughnut one of these days, the world could finally find some peace.

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