‘I would never date broke guys with average cars – I’m too hot for that’

A car-obsessed model who owns 11 luxury wheels has revealed why she'd never date anyone with an average vehicle.

Danii Banks, from Los Angeles, US, loves an expensive car or two, so when it comes to relationships men have to be on her level.

She won't allow any fella to pick her up in any old thing, so anyone who wants to date her must drive a nice car.

The 33-year-old multi-millionaire owns a range of luxury cars, including a Lamborghini Urus and a Rolls Royce Ghost.

Over on Instagram, the OnlyFans beauty boasts a massive following of 7 million fans where she shows off her swanky cars.

She said: "I love fast luxury cars, they're so sexy and I think you can tell a lot about someone by what car they drive."

Danii added: "Men who want to date me need to have an impressive pair of wheels or they'll have no chance.

"I'd never date someone with an average car – I'm too hot.

"But I know not everyone can afford to buy their dream car so I've started a business renting out my own collection.

"The most popular is the Lamborghini Urus, people love renting that for weekends."

Unfortunately for Danii's admirers, she is currently off the market anyway after falling in love with her boyfriend.

The couple share a love of luxury wheels and decided to launch their car rental business, Banks Lifestyle, in August this year.

She revealed: "My man is as big a petrolhead as me, he's got his own beautiful car collection.

"It was one of the things that we bonded over. It's only been a few months but it's already doing well."

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Among Danii's collection is a Rolls Royce Ghost, a Rolls Rocye Truck and a Lamborghini Urus.

She also owns a Corvette, Escalade ESV 600, a Mercedes GT, a BMW m80i, a Trackhawk, two G Wagons, or the Maybach.

Car fans can rent one of Danii's luxury set of wheels for the day, anywhere between $600 (£447) and $1,800 (£1,340).

But just be warned, the model isn't included with the rental.

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