I won £13,000 after a trip to the dentist left me unable to eat anything but soup | The Sun

A PENSIONER won £13,000 in an out-of-court settlement after she claimed a trip to the dentist left her unable to eat anything but soup.

Vivienne Dixon, 75, revealed how she was left in agonising pain after a treatment on her teeth allegedly went wrong.

Implants fitted after she was having issues with her teeth caused her "completely unnecessary" pain, according to the firm representing her.

The dentist eventually settled on a out-of-court £13k payment but did not admit liability.

Vivienne, from Hull, went to Castle Park Dental Care as she looked to solve problems with her teeth.

She had four implants fitted and six of her teeth removed.

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She also had a temporary bridge implemented during the treatment.

But after the procedure Vivienne suffered intense headaches.

She was given painkillers by the practice and assured nothing was wrong, but the pain continued.

She told Hull Live: "I decided to go to the doctors for a check-up and was informed that I was experiencing a dry socket infection where a blood clot either doesn’t form or is dislodged after tooth removal.

"The bones and nerves in my mouth were exposed and that was what was causing me so much pain."

Despite antibiotics and another return to the practice, things did not improve.

Vivienne said she began "bleeding uncontrollably" from her mouth during her best friend's funeral.

She then claims she was told that she needed the implants removed.

Vivienne said the pain was so severe by this stage that she could not eat anything besides soup.

Another practice that she went to for a second opinion confirmed there were issues with the implants and bridge.

After going to Dental Law Partnership for help, they took on her case and successfully settled it out of court, with the dentist paying £13,000 to Vivienne but not admitting liability.

Dental Park Dental Care have said they do not wish to offer comment.

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