‘I spent £77k removing Ken doll fillers to look natural – but miss attention’

A "Ken doll" who splurged £77,000 on reversing his extreme fillers is being forced to get more plastic surgery.

David Kosir indulged in fillers, Botox, a rhinoplasty, cat eye surgery and veneers with his first procedure done at 22.

Now in a bid to look "more natural", the 27-year-old decided to reverse the fillers to bring his old face back.

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Unfortunately, it left his skin drooping and now David is planning to go under the knife to correct it.

He said: "It's just where I was at in my life to be honest. Fillers are known for migrating over time.

"I started to notice it happening to me earlier this year and knew that I needed to remove them.

"However, I also knew that this could possibly cause loose skin."

Despite how it looks now, the energy and gas market trader would never go back and change a thing.

He admitted: "I don't regret it, but I'll always have my plastic self at heart.

"I really prefer the natural look, it makes the regular days where I can't be bothered dealing with the attention easier."

David, from Melbourne, Australia, spent £155 on the reversal which was done in Turkey.

He says it took three months for his face to "look relatively normal" again.

While he's happy to have undergone the procedure, he does miss the "attention" he used to receive.

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He added: "Because my eyes were swollen and my eyebrows were raised a lot.

"I also had scarring all over my face, which is normal for such procedures so I understood that.

"But now that I'm finished healing from my corrective surgery to fix all the issues excessive filler caused to my skin I don't get nearly as much attention in public.

"I definitely felt like I had lost my plastic identity for a while after I had removed all my filler and it took me a while to adjust.

"I felt very insecure about not being a 'Ken doll' anymore."

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Now David plans on working on his confidence and getting implants to help with his saggy skin.

He concluded: "I do want to get cheek, jaw and chin customised facial implants to get a very chiseled but natural result.

"So I'm sure that will be quite controversial but I love the defined aesthetic.

"I don't plan on ever being that filler volume-heavy again.

"That's not to say I won't further enhance my aesthetic but it will be in a more 'natural presenting' way.

"The biggest problem was the filler migration and puffiness so I would not consider that again.

"I'm currently considering South Korea to have these procedures done if I can find the right doctor.

"And I always recommend lots of research."

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