‘I earn $2k a day as prostitute on notorious street – kidnappings don’t faze me’

A sex worker operating on one of the most dangerous districts in Los Angeles says things "could be worse" – even though she's been kidnapped.

Lexi, 28, works in the notorious red light district of Figueroa Street and says it can get “pretty dark” sometimes.

She has been working on the so-called “Blade” for about two months, but she says she had known plenty of other repel involve din sex work over the years.

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“Growing up, I always used to pass The Blade,” she said. “As I got older I had a lot of different friends and acquaintances that are either hoes or pimps, or in between, so it's like I kind of know the ins and outs.”

“There's days where it's crazy, but it could be a lot worse," she told Soft White Underbelly.

“I’ve been in situations where I got kidnapped and things like that but it could have been way worse than what it was.”

Sometimes her clients on The Blade aren’t even interested in having sex.

She continued: “You meet interesting people… I’ve had ‘dates’ where they just want to like have a therapy session. They don't even want to have sex, they just want to talk about like their wife or whatever.

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“They just want a companion or they want somebody to …say the things their wife won’t say.”

The police, too, are generally quite tolerant of what women like Lexi are doing.

She added: “I've even had police tell me ‘Oh we don’t necessarily care that you guys are doing this but we care for your safety … we don't want you guys to have to give somebody all your money.”

“Emotionally I'm okay because I deal with so many other outside emotions I'm able to compartmentalise and be numb to certain situations that most people will be scarred from, because I’ve already been through the wringer a little bit.”

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She says she’s been in situations where people had tried to box her in and run her over but, Lexi says, “sometimes you gotta thug it out”.

“There are more good times than bad times,” she says, and the money is good – in the regions of $2,500 (just under £2,000) a night.

There have been bad times, though, with Lexi admitting: “Sometimes when I get to my room I'll break down but … you have to be strong and get through it.

“You have to have a certain mindset it’s not meant for everybody.”

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