‘I bought my dog off online – I was expecting a puppy but it was no pet’

A dog owner has documented her surprise after discovering that the household dog she’d bought on Craigslist was in fact not a pet at all.

Opening up about the incident on social media, content creator Fariha Ahmed explained they had purchased a small white puppy online for cheap.

The content creator was in for a surprise, however, as she eventually discovered that her pet was, in fact, a wolf-dog, which is illegal to own in certain states.

The TikToker wrote in the caption of her viral video: “I thought I adopted a smol white pup…” before adding “ Turns out he’s a Wolf Dog”.

As the clip starts, the footage shows the small pup with a thick white fur coating playing around a shopping cart as its new owner pushes it around.

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In a sudden transition, the video cuts to the dog as a fully grown adult playing around while facing the camera, looking visibly like a wolf.

“That’s what I get for buying him off Craigslist,” wrote the pet owner.

Though purchases of this nature frequently happen on platforms like Cragilist, they can cause complications for the new dog owner in some cases.

The website Living Tiny With a Worf, for instance, warns that there are federal laws that regulate owning wolf dogs, which can land dog owners like Fariha in hot water.

Several states across the US, including Mississippi, Louisiana, Delaware, and Connecticut have banned the ownership of domestic pets.

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A similar case was reported earlier this year when an influencer went viral after claiming that the “Pomeranian” she bought for $50 was, in fact, a “wolf”.

Content creator and model Amanda Hamilton frequently documents her life on her YouTube channel, where she admitted to being scammed after trying to buy a pomeranian puppy for little money.

“I bought this Pomeranian at the Mexican border for $50 only to find out it was a wolf,” admitted the content creator. “I can’t believe that lied to me,” she quipped in the comment section of the clip, which racked up more than 11.7 million views.

The incident raised eyebrows among viewers, however, as they were skeptical that she fell for the scam given that the dog looked nothing like a Pomeranian.

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