I blocked my son and his wife after our latest bust-up six months ago

I am 69 and he’s 50. He has always been difficult with me.

We have gone more than a year without speaking in the past. Last year I started doing office work for him – until his wife found out I was friends on Facebook with his ex-wife. He called me a traitor and gave me the sack.

I have always helped him, especially when he got divorced, but he doesn’t need me now he’s remarried and his new wife doesn’t like me. It has always been me making the first move to heal the breach but I do not feel I want to this time. Am I being unreasonable?

DEIDRE SAYS: Wanting to lash out is understandable but blocking him and his wife will just make the rift worse long-term.

Your relationship may have been difficult but do you really want to waste precious time in your later years holding a grudge?

Think what may have clouded your relationship. Where is his dad in all this? Sad to let pride stop you being the first to offer an olive branch.

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