Hunter Bags Deer With Two Heads While Hunting In Northern Kentucky

What the hunter found upon recovering the deer was astounding.

When Bob Long left to go deer hunting in Ballard County in Northern Kentucky, it’s a pretty sure bet that he had no idea he was going to bag a headline-making oddity. He did, though, and the double-headed buck the hunter killed will no doubt provide quite a conversation piece for folks back home.

Long described taking aim at the buck, saying that all he saw was a huge set of antlers, reports RT. When he went to recover his kill; however, he began to realize how unique his harvest was. The buck laying at his feet appeared to have two heads, and it also looked like it had its antlers entwined together.

Nonetheless, Bob Long’s double-headed buck wasn’t a conjoined twin or a completely new species of deer, and on closer inspection, he saw that his find was a grisly one. The buck’s second head was dead and decomposing.

Astoundingly, the deer he had killed had acquired the head from another one, and the big tangle of antlers he had spotted in his sights was keeping the rotting head anchored to the unfortunate animal.

The find was no less unique; however, and Bob Long told News Now, “This is a once in a lifetime thing to happen if you’re a hunter.”

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources featured the story about the rare creature on social media. Neither the agency nor the hunter was able to shed light on what circumstances led to the buck lugging around part of another’s rotting carcass.

Online speculation suggests that the two males may have been rutting when one of them was killed. Bucks are known to ram into each other’s heads, especially when they are competing for a doe. That explanation makes sense when you consider that the antlers of the two were entwined together.

Hunting enthusiasts weighed in on the unique kill in the comment section.

Drew VanBritson Austin wrote, “Think of the smell that thing was living with….and, on another note, do you count both racks in your scoring?!?

Cory Fortson commented along the lines that Bob Long probably provided a mercy killing to the buck writing, “I bet he had coyotes just following him around. Nature is not for the faint of heart.”

Strangely enough, the find is not as unique as people think. Javie Mueller posted a photo where he had bagged two bucks entwined in the same exact way. He wrote, “This happened to me last year, one was alive the other was dead.”

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