Hulu Has An Insane Deal For Black Friday — $0.99 A Month For 12 Months

At only $0.99 per month, this Hulu deal is every cord-cutters dream.

Television and movie streaming service Hulu is offering one of the most ridiculous Black Friday deals you will ever see. Just for today, users who sign up for the service get a full year of access for less than $12. The company is offering its basic plan for just $0.99 a month, which is an absurd savings off the normal price. This deal is good until November 26‎.

When not on sale, Hulu normally charges $7.99 for this plan, so over the course of a year, a cord-cutter will save a whopping $84 and they’ll only spend $11.88.

There are some caveats, though. This is the Limited Commercials plan only, which means buyers won’t be getting an ad-free experience from their TV shows and movies. Hulu does offer a plan with no commercials for $11.99 a month, but unfortunately, the company hasn’t discounted that plan to go along with Black Friday, so anyone who can’t stand ads will need to spring for the full price.

Also, after the year is up, anyone who signs up will be billed the full $7.99 a month. This just means that buyers will need to remember to cancel if they don’t want to keep the service after the first year.

Returning customers who haven’t had a Hulu subscription in the last 12 months are also eligible, but anyone currently using Hulu, or who has had a subscription within the last year, will need to sit this deal out.

Presumably, Hulu is offering this deal with the hopes that people forget to cancel the service and they end up being billed at full price down the line. It also opens up new users to trying Hulu, which might prompt them to sign up for a higher-tier service or even Hulu’s much more expensive live TV plan. Offering such a low price will also allow the company to boost its overall subscriber numbers. Since this plan includes ads, Hulu is likely to make up for the low price on the back end with ad revenue.

Hulu has all kinds of content available — from movies to TV shows and everything in between. For fans of TV, Hulu features access to many popular shows the next day after they air. Even professional wrestling organization WWE is in on the action, offering an edited version of its flagship shows each week.

If you don’t have a way to watch your new Hulu subscription, Amazon has the Fire TV Stick on sale for Black Friday, so you can get your new cord-cutting subscription and the device to watch it on at a steep discount.

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