How to wash pillows

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Yellow pillows are unappealing but really common. Sweat seeps through the pillowcase and into the pillow, turning its fabric yellow. You need to clean your pillows twice a year at the very least… but how many of us actually do that? It’s not too late to start. reveals how to wash pillows.

How to wash pillows

Cotton, down, and synthetic pillows can be washed in the washing machine.

Only use this method if you have a large enough machine.

If your machine isn’t big enough, the fabric of your case will tear and it will be chaos!

The best way to prevent this is to keep the pillowcase on the pillow.

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Do not put foam or memory foam pillows in the washing machine– these need to be washed by hand.

Add washing detergent as per the instructions, and set the temperature according to the care label of the pillowcase.

Normally, you will need to use a gentle wash cycle to protect the pillow.

Persil actually recommends placing two pillows in the machine at once to balance the load.

Once the cycle is finished, your pillows will obviously be soaking wet.

The quickest way to get them dry again is to stick them in the tumble dryer.

Check the care labels before you do this though.

After tumble drying, pop the pillows in the airing cupboard, outside in the sun, or in a clean and well-ventilated room to fully dry.

This will take about two days and is an essential step in avoiding mold and mildew.

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How to wash a memory foam pillow

As mentioned, memory foam pillows cannot be put in the washing machine.

You’ll need to wash them by hand, and this is easiest done in the bath.

Fill up the bath with warm water and add detergent.

If you like, add some essential oils such as lavender.

Submerge the pillow and squeeze the foam to encourage the soap to lather up in the pillow.

The water will start to look murky, so drain the bath and fill it up with water, detergent and essential oils again.

Drain it once more, and just add clean warm water to the bath.

Let the memory foam pillow dry outside.

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