How To Keep The Passion Alive In A Relationship, According To 19 Women

Even the best long-term relationships aren’t immune to the occasional romantic lull. I mean, think about it logically. If you’re spending years and years and years with one person, the odds of every single day being a perfect 10 on the love-o-meter aren’t too high. What makes a couple truly strong is the ability to move past the lulls and reignite that same flame they had on day one. That being said, knowing how to keep the passion alive in a relationship isn’t necessarily a skill that comes naturally to all of us. So, for those of you wondering how to get the spark going again, I come bearing some extremely valuable advice. In a recent Reddit AskWomen thread, ladies in long-term relationships shared their best tips for keeping the passion alive.

Never Stop Making Romantic Gestures


Make Time For Date Night


Show Your Partner How Much You Care


Keep Saying "I Love You"


Cuddle Often


Make Your Partner Smile


Leave Cute Notes For Each Other


Figure Out Your Love Languages


Vocalize Your Appreciation For Your Partner


Communicate Your Needs And Desires


Always Hold Hands


Trade Massages Often


Read The Same Books And Bring Each Other Coffee In Bed


Never Go To Bed Angry


Get Into The Habit Of Making Each Other Feel Loved


Treat Your Partner Like Your Best Friend


Remember That Love Is A Choice


Stay Playful


Bring Each Other Surprises


The important thing to note here is that everyone’s relationship has off-days! Use these Redditors’ experiences as your own personal inspiration the next time your relationship isn’t feeling like a 10.

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