How to get 18 days off work in 2019 with just NINE days annual leave

Revealed: How to get 18 consecutive days off work in 2019 using just NINE days of annual leave – by strategically booking around bank holidays

  • Easter Sunday 2019 falls on 21st April, close to early May Bank Holiday 
  • You can finish work on Thursday 18th and return on 7th May, enjoying 18 days off
  • Weekends and bank holidays mean you’ll only take off nine days of annual leave 
  • If your colleagues have already booked, your next opportunity isn’t until 2021

The fun and festivity of Christmas is fast approaching, but if you’re already dreading the dark days of the early New Year there is a trick you can use to ease those winter blues. 

Thanks to the way the Bank Holidays fall in April 2019, you could be looking forward to 18 consecutive days away from work – and without having to use up a huge chunk of your holiday allowance.

Provided you’re strategic with the days you book, then you should end up with well over two weeks holiday while only using up nine days of annual leave, according to Stylist.  

This means leaving the office the day before Good Friday, which falls on 19th April and not returning until 7th May.

Holidays are coming! You can get the most out of your annual leave in 2019 by taking 18 consecutive days off by strategically arranging time off around the Easter and the early May Bank Holiday (stock image)


Last day of work: Thursday 18th April

Bank holidays: Friday 19th April – Monday 22nd April

Annual leave: Tuesday 23rd – Friday 26th April

Weekend: 27th – 28th April

Annual leave: Monday 29th April – Friday 3rd May 

Weekend: 4th – 5th May

Bank holiday: 6th May

Return to work: 7th May

Days off work: 18 days

Annual leave used: 9 days 

The trick is to take advantage of the fact that the Easter break falls so close to the first May bank holiday. 

You can begin your holiday on 19th April, which is Good Friday, taking advantage of the long Bank Holiday weekend. 

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Then, you need to book Tuesday 23rd April to Friday 3rd of May off work, using up nine holiday days. 

However, because of the early May Bank Holiday, you don’t need to be back at your desk until Tuesday 7th May. 

If you manage to miss out on taking 18 days off work in a row in 2019, then don’t despair as you’ll be able to employ the same trick in 2021 (stock image)

If you do miss out on booking your days off because colleagues have got in there first, there will be another opportunity ahead. 

However, you’ll have to be patient and wait until 2021, and take advantage of the fact that Christmas, Boxing Day and New Years Day all fall on weekends. 

The extra Bank Holiday days during the week mean that staff can be off for 10 days from 25th December to  4th January while taking only three days of annual leave. 


Last day of work: Friday 24th December

Weekend: 25th to 26th December

Christmas Bank Holidays: Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th December

Annual leave: Wednesday 29th to Friday 31st December 

Weekend: 1st to 2nd January

New Year Bank holiday: 3rd January 

Return to work 4th January

Days off work: 10 days

Annual leave used: 3 days 



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