How I Save: The 27-year-old who says lockdown has been great for her savings

How Anika saves:

How Anika spends:

  • Phone bill: £45
  • Netflix: £13.99
  • Landline, internet: £31
  • Apple: 79p (I think this is for iCloud storage or something, I’m not 100% sure)
  • Direct debit to my mum (just because. I think she saves it to spend on me anyway): £25
  • Food shop: I usually do this every two weeks or so, averaging anything from £10-50 depending on how much we need, as I’m the ‘healthiest’ in the family so have been nominated resident shopper during the pandemic. My dad will do the ‘big’ shop where he buys everything in bulk i.e meats, toilet tissue, etc. He does this every few months. And I usually do a smaller shop in between.

How Anika could save:

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