Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Wednesday, July 20

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A partner or close relative’s careless attitude towards finances is starting to get you down. You cannot keep paying their share of joint expenses as they seem to expect. There may be a need to come up with a new joint arrangement or to agree on going your separate ways.


Devious people have a way of taking advantage because they know you find it hard to say no. An invitation to a party or big charity event may have strings attached. Someone will try to get in your good books as they need a favour from you they will soon be asking for.


A risk you take could backfire pretty spectacularly. You might laugh about this in time to come but today, you won’t be happy with the results. A colleague or fellow student’s mood is reckless and even a little mischievous. You just don’t know what they are going to do next.


Making hard choices on how often you can afford to visit family at a distance makes it hard to see loved ones on a regular basis. You’re doing everything you can to keep bills as low as possible but it is a battle and it might seem like there is nothing more you can do.


Whatever job you happen to be doing, you want to be able to get on with it with no-one watching over your shoulders or trying to tell you what to do. There is a lot going on and you will be involved, but from behind the scenes and for now, this is the place you will prefer to be.


People in power are apologetic when promises they made cannot now be fulfilled. You can see how much it hurts them to admit this and will understand that it is circumstances and not choice that has caused them to have to go back on their word.


There’s not a great deal of information about stories going around your neighbourhood. You aren’t sure whether what’s being said is true or not and you have a feeling someone is exaggerating the situation. For this reason, you will refrain from passing on unfounded rumours.


It is never a good idea to dwell on thoughts that lead nowhere. Use your imagination in a more productive way by turning your mind to something more challenging instead. A sudden need to act without thinking will bring out your hidden qualities.


A friend’s confusion about a problem that has many sides is causing them to be forgetful. You can look beyond their lack of commitment to other areas and understand why their mind is elsewhere. Once they share their worries, you will be able to see a solution and explain.


Keep control of your emotions when a child or young colleague does something to ruin your hard work. You know they were only trying to help and their upset at the results of their interference will be enough to make you realise how sorry they are.


An unexpected offer of help from someone who rarely does anything for anyone will take you by surprise. They have talents they have never shown before and their assistance will actually make short work of jobs you had thought would take all day to do.


A friend needs your help with a difficult task. Since you’re too polite to turn them away, by the end of the day you will know all the ins and outs of a complicated and challenging matter. Family relationships are starting to improve because you are learning how to trust each other.

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