Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for November 27

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Your mind is alert and you aren’t missing anything that is going on around you. You will know what others expect you to say and do. Even if it seems like you are being manipulated, you actually have the controlling hand because you know exactly where everything is leading to.


Someone who cares about you and your future happiness will have ideas that will sound strange at first. Give them time to grow on you. A housemate or workmate will be against the idea of change and it will be you who can think of the right words to help them accept and adapt.


You will intuitively sense when trouble is brewing. Either nip it in the bud or have a contingency plan ready. You can avoid family arguments by agreeing to disagree. If you can’t all concur on what you should be doing there is no reason why you can’t all make different choices.


Having the terms of an outing or family event dictated to you will cause you some annoyance. You would rather discuss this before having any set plans or bookings made. A misunderstanding will cause difficulties in the long-run when people will pull out because they weren’t consulted at the start.


You will find it hard not to give in to the temptation to splash out on expensive toys like a new gadget, new car or jewellery. If you know this will leave you strapped for cash, why not pamper yourself with a massage, manicure or even a relaxing afternoon in bed, instead?


You may not have expected to have to participate in events now happening but somehow you are dragged right into the centre. Instead of watching from the side-lines you find yourself playing an important role. Don’t underplay your importance as you are inclined to do. Your group needs you.


Even if money is tight, there is plenty you can do to occupy your day that doesn’t cost a lot. Explore your creative impulses. Whether it is baking a cake or writing music is immaterial. What’s important is that you are flexing your creative muscles.


You have a choice between joining friends in their plans or opting for quieter pastimes and pleasures. An altercation with a neighbour will cause a few ripples but this turns out to be a storm in a teacup.


You’ve been concentrating so much on doing good deeds for others that you have lost touch with your own needs. When was the last time you went to the movies or visited your favourite restaurant? You aren’t being selfish in asserting your own desires for a change.


The powers that be are evaluating your work. If you feel passionately about your job, the better your performance is likely to be. Are you unemployed? Seek out opportunities in restoration or recycling. Volunteering at a charitable organisation could provide experience in a new field.


Recent conversations will have stayed in some people’s minds. You’re about to find out someone is in a position to help you achieve a special goal. Ignore a colleague’s curt comment. They’re just envious that it is you, and not them, who has something to celebrate.


A partner or close friend is starting to ask too much from you. You respect their perfectionism but sometimes, it isn’t necessary. You just want to relax and enjoy the projects you share without having to feel you need to get it perfect every time.

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