Holland Roden Addresses Arden Cho's Tough Choice to Walk Away From Teen Wolf Movie (Exclusive)

"I do know that with 'Teen Wolf' it's a tough one because we do it for the love of the show and not for the money."

Holland Roden is excited to return to Beacon Hills for the new “Teen Wolf: The Movie” despite the absence of her former castmates like Arden Cho and Dylan O’Brien.

While promoting her new Tubi film “Obsessed to Death” with TooFab, the 35-year-old actress commented on Cho’s recent interview with The Cut, in which the 36-year-old revealed she had turned down the new “Teen Wolf” project after she was offered significantly less than her counterparts as the only woman of color on the cast.

Roden — who will reprise her role of Lydia Martin in the “Teen Wolf” revival film — admitted that she regrets Cho’s absence and spoke about how her former co-star was put in between a rock and a hard place. Roden also gushed about the sense of family she was able to feel once she had reunited with the cast that she had grown up with while filming the “Teen Wolf” movie.

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Meanwhile, in “Obsessed to Death,” Roden plays an unhinged woman named Cassie who appears “plain and unpolished on the outside,” but hides a dark past that resulted in everyone in her hometown calling her a psychopath. Cassie leaves her town and follows a man into a new city after he ghosts her. She then finds Summer, the woman her past flame had ghosted her for, and everything becomes irrelevant when she becomes obsessed with becoming her best friend and becomes a copy of her. Cassie jumps through numerous hoops to worm her way into Summer’s inner circle but Cassie’s violent tendencies began to hurt those around Summer and almost Summer herself.

Check out the full Q&A with Roden, below:

In the spirit of obsessing over someone you admire, do you have any crazy fan stories?

Oh, gosh, the bathroom pictures are always kind of interesting! But no, thankfully, I have a funny saying — I think it’s funny — it says you don’t need security until you can afford security and that’s not my deal. Thankfully, I’ve personally had good experiences. I’ve had amazing stories and I love when fans know how to get to you. They will sometimes make [me] like knitted pieces, or like these little dot drawings of my dog and I frame those with pleasure around my house like shrines.

So they know how to connect with you and some of my other favorite memories are meeting fans like one-on-one and sometimes [it’s] a group of 10 of them and you get to sit down and actually talk. It’s not just a picture or an autograph, and I know that that’s the takeaway, that’s their fun part, but the fun part for me is [getting to know] what town are they from? What are their parents do? What kind of pets do they have? Like, why do they really love the show? Primarily it was “Teen Wolf.” So yeah, those are my favorite fan experiences.

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Do you think you could have outsmarted your character Cassie’s antics if placed in a one-on-one situation with her?

That’s a great question. I’d like to think so. I hope I think we’d all like to think so. I would like to say yes, just because I don’t know. Yeah, I would like to I’d like to hopefully say yes, but I guess you never know until you’re there.

What was your favorite part about diving into such an unhinged character like Cassie?

It was definitely hard at times, but it was also so much fun to be such an alpha in so many of the situations that you find Cassie in and it’s out I like the premise of this movie because I think it’s a really good message to write a movie about all the different ways in which we now communicate in the world with dating, with making friends with sort of fanning out over things with fitness obsessions. So much of that takes place, not even online, but like in apps and so for me, it was more the situation of the movie that I really loved diving into. But at the same time, it’s outrageous, even though it’s unfortunately true that we function in the world with this many devices on our phone, but for me, the wildest part is diving into to that but at the same time, the situation was outrageous and obviously taken to an extreme in Cassie’s case.

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Your character Cassie is a very extreme example, but we all have someone in life or social media we want to emulate and with social media these days, the pressure to have the perfect life can be hard. As someone who’s in the public eye, can you relate to both Summer and Cassie?

I mean, I’ve never felt the need. I think like professionally I’ve been told “post, post, post” and I’ll go through spurts where I kind of emulate that. Maybe to “Summer-esque” situation but I’ve never really followed through with it on a regular basis. I am not a post-er, maybe that will change one day but my default as of now and it has been for the last 10 years since Instagram came out. I just don’t post that often, I also think it has to do with my age, you know, I’m not part of like the Gen-Z world, and so I think that’s a part of it because I just didn’t picture my life like that. But I am trying to be better about it.

I guess, you know, to the Cassie side, I love vans, sailboats and Earth-ships basically like nomadic living, and I do find myself like daydreaming about people’s rigs. … I looked at rigs for like three years with fans and ended up building one during quarantine in 2020. So as far as you know, it just might not be fitness or makeup or clothes, but certainly, I do have my thing on social media and that’s unconventional living, like [an] unconventional lifestyle. So, in that sense, I do have that Cassie part of me and they’re just travel bloggers, but to me, they’re like my TV shows. I absolutely love the building skill of some of these couples and just the innovative way that they live their lives.

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You announced in February that you would be returning to Beacon Hills for the “Teen Wolf” movie! What was that phone call like and how does it feel to be reuniting with the cast on-set after all these years?

The phone call was from Jeff Davis himself, so I love that “Teen Wolf” just stays a really close-knit family. It never feels more than like just one household if that makes sense. It doesn’t feel like a show that aired in 55 countries. So that’s nice that it still feels that way shooting the movie. And it just felt like a day hadn’t passed it felt like we had found a time machine. And so lovely just to be around all those people you love again on an everyday basis. You know, it can kind of be a little Groundhog-y when you film sometimes on location, week after week after week, and you go a little stir crazy as a result. That happens, in my opinion, with every project that’s more than like three weeks. But in this case, because we were so familiar with Atlanta, because the group we were filming with is our family. You know this wasn’t a show, this beautiful time in our lives that we got to visit was going to come to an end. So, you know, you have days where you didn’t work, and I would just like go hang out at set and really cherish those moments. I didn’t go stir crazy, and if I did, I was happy to. It was just such a lovely blessing to be able to go back to “Teen Wolf.”

Your former cast member Arden Cho recently revealed why she dropped out of the “Teen Wolf” project. A lot of fans were disappointed to hear that she wouldn’t be involved since Kira’s story didn’t have much closure. Did you miss her on set? Did you think there was more to her story?

I’m not familiar with the details of the story. I believe it was monetarily driven. I don’t really know a lot about it. Of course, I wish she was there and she’s got this really cute dog like we have a similar kind of dogs and so we would always try to get them together and they would kind of play and kinda wouldn’t play. But yeah, so I was bummed that she wasn’t there but I do know that with “Teen Wolf” it’s a tough one because we do it for the love of the show and not for the money. So, you know, I think it’s always tough when it comes down to those situations, but I don’t know the details of that story in particular.

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Which couple is more of an OTP? Jackson and Lydia or Stiles and Lydia?

Probably Stiles and Lydia, it went on longer and it was a much more drawn-out and anticipated couple. I, of course, my off-screen feelings — Colton is one of my best friends so of course I think Holland and Colton OTP, but definitely, Stidia is for life.

If you could describe “Obsessed to Death” and “Teen Wolf” in one word or phrase, what would it be?

I’m gonna go out on a limb here. There was a different title to this movie that I think was a bit more coy than the current title and it was called “Ride or Die.” And I think that term, in general, like especially when you see like, “Dude say it.” I just think it’s so funny to me and it was a play on of that current somewhat popular term. And I thought that was great so “Ride or Die” would be like the term I put for this, what was the title of the movie. And then for “Teen Wolf,” I think just home you know, I’m just so grateful that it’s never been a show — it was on a small network with small budgets, it’s never something like we got rich off of, but it was something that I loved and it’s like very dear to my heart. I know those people very well, and it was just something that I hold really dear to me. It’s, you know, kind of where I blossomed, left the nest so to speak. I really do feel like they’re my family.

“Obsessed to Death” is available to stream now on Tubi. “Teen Wolf: The Movie” is set to be released later this year.

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