Hilarious images capture the moments celebrities photobombed fans

Lights, camera, PHOTOBOMB! Images capture the brilliant moments when celebrities – from the Queen to Arnold Schwarzenegger – surprised fans by popping up in their pictures

  • A picture collection shared by Bored Panda shows images of fans with stars
  • While most pictures with celebs are asked on the street, these show the humorous side to some prominent stars
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Harry and even former President Bill Clinton have made an appearance in funny photobombs
  • Most of the fans were surprised to find these celebs in the back of their pictures 

Hilarious images capture the best moments celebrities surprised their fans by photobombing their pictures, proving that they just might be like everyone else. 

Most fans resort to nervously approaching their favorite celebrity on the street to ask for a picture, but that wasn’t what these people had to do to get a fun shot with a prominent star.  

In a photo collection created by Bored Panda, it shows the humorous side to some prominent faces after they popped into the picture frame of their fans. 

Whether it be royal figures, such as Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Harry, or actors including Jake Gyllenhaal and John Krasinski, no one seems above photobombing fans when they least expect it. 

Fit to be royal: Two women caught Queen Elizabeth II sneaking into their camera frame in an amazing photobomb by the royal 

Royal surprise: Model Winnie Harlow (right) is a celebrity in her own right, but that didn’t stop her from being photobombed a very cheeky Prince Harry 

Spotted: Two people were able to get a sweet surprise with Jake Gyllenhaal in the background of their selfie 

Surprise! One person was able to get a picture with Dwayne Johnson in the background as he was crossing by the man on the street 

Hilarious: One little girl had no idea former President Bill Clinton was photobombing her in a crowded area 

Why so serious? Two Boston Red Socks fans captured John Krasinski in the background of their baseball selfie during a game 

Hilarious: One fan was trying to get a picture with Sylvester Stallone when Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to hop into the shot 

Funny: Arnold Schwarzenegger thought the best way for him to photobomb the picture would be to puff away on his cigar 

Amazing: One person was excited to visit the Microsoft offices and even wanted a picture with a plaque on the wall. But they also got Bill Gates in the background of the picture 

He’s got the moves! Fans of Justin Timberlake were able to get the singer to photobomb their selfie while at one of his concerts 

Big grins: Two women were caught off guard after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau popped into the background of their picture 

Incredible: A fan of Bruce Springsteen was able to get a selfie with the famous singer at one of his concerts 

Amazing: This picture capture one woman who was clearly a huge slash fan out on her bike. Little did she know, Slash was actually right behind her 

At it again! Arnold Schwarzenegger also biked in front of a group of tourists who wanted their picture with the Eiffel Tower 

Don’t want to miss a thing: One person as taking a picture of her mom when Steven Tyler hopped into the background 

Smirking: One person asked to take a picture with comedian David Cross and also got Michael Cera to photobomb the background 

Selfie time: Michael Cera also made an appearance in one woman’s selfie as they were out on the street 

Say cheese! During a Los Angeles Dodgers game, two women convinced Ken Jeong to pose in the background of their picture 

Fantastic: Two people were taking a selfie at Coachella when Aaron Paul appeared in the background of the crowded outdoor concert 

Part of the family: One picture shows how a large group of picture posed at an outdoor restaurant. But they also got a shot of Wiz Khalifa in the background (pictured in red)

Happy to be here: One woman attending a Milwaukee Brewers game wanted a picture in front of the field, but she also got baseball player Matt Garza to photobomb the background 

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