Has Holly Willoughby, 37, found the elixir of youth?

How Holly Willoughby found the elixir of youth: A VERY clever haircut, on-trend mini-skirts and ‘girly’ posture have helped the star turn the clock back in the jungle – leaving viewers stunned at her real age

  • Holly Willoughby has been wowing viewers with her jungle style on I’m a Celeb 
  • Many say the This Morning presenter looks more youthful than she ever has
  • On Twitter, fans were stunned to realise that the blonde star is actually 37 
  • Hair expert Natalia Maxwell Ager says her ‘lob’ long bob has taken years off her
  • Body language expert Judi James adds Holly’s demeanour is also age-defying 

Forget stomach-churning challenges, sleeping on the floor and Anne Hegarty breaking wind at dawn, the real talk of the jungle town in this series of I’m a Celebrity has been Holly Willloughby’s youthful new look. 

The This Morning star – and her carousel of different outfits – has left viewers questioning her real age, with many struggling to believe the mother-of-three is actually 37.  

On social media, many jungle fans have commented on just how young the star, married to Dan Baldwin, is looking during her jungle adventure.

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Nailed it! Many viewers watching Holly Willoughby on I’m a Celebrity have expressed surprise at how youthful the 37-year-old star looks…so how is she keeping the ageing process so cleverly at bay? 

Down with the kids…but not too much. Fashion expert Simon Glazin says Holly’s mini-skirts with clomping boots are perfect attire for the jungle but millennials would happily wear them at home too. Right: and Holly’s ‘lob’ is perfectly played, with soft ends and a side-parting taking years off her

@charliedemmel_ wrote: ‘Does Holly Willoughby actually age?’ while @pearsandpairs was similarly shocked: ‘Woman crushing on @hollywills, does she just not age?’

So, how is Holly managing to look like she’s not just stopping the ageing clock but actually turning it back. 

Femail consults experts on clothes, make-up, hair and posture to find out how Holly’s drinking from the fountain of youth.


Bold and fun, the blondeness in Holly’s do perfectly complements her warm skin – and the cut suggests a playful image, says hair expert Natalia Maxwell Ager

The side-parting isn’t something everyone could get away with, but Holly’s oval-shaped face means she can carry it off

Seasoned stylist Natalia Maxwell Ager, Artistic Director at Malcolm Murphy Hair, says Holly’s latest haircut is key to turning the clock back.

Natalia says: ‘Holly’s hair has been one of the main talking points about her jungle look. 

‘Although she’s had it cut into a lob (long bob), it’s delicately cut, with soft ends and edges rather than the blunt ends people are favouring this season. It’s definitely youthful and fun with lots of movement!’

The expert hairdresser says the parting is also crucial, offering a more playful style. 

Natalia says:  ‘A middle parting can be harsh but with her oval face shape she can wear her parting anywhere.’

And the strong blonde look? ‘The colour is bold and bright, and perfectly complements her skin tone, which is warm. The golden hues give the feeling of summertime – which it obviously is Down Under.’


Body language expert Judi James says Holly is deploying a ‘defenseless’ demeanour while presenting in the jungle, using techniques including arm folding

Holly draws on a repertoire of ‘very cute and youthful body language techniques to help create a younger look’, says James

Without the comfort of the This Morning couch, Holly is more exposed standing up to present next to co-host Dec. 

On Instagram, the star adopts a tried-and-tested selfie stance – favoured by Instagram-loving twentysomethings – which involves leaning back, one leg out and a slight head tilt. 

Here, body language expert Judi James offers her verdict on how the 37-year-old’s posture makes her appear much younger than she is.  

Judi explains: ‘Holly uses body language and postural techniques that she shares with other female presenters like Claudia Winkleman to create a very youthful demeanour. 

It’s a technique called pseudo-infantile re-motivational displays and in the animal kingdom it would be performed in a bid to avoid attack from a larger threatening animal by mimicking the body language of a baby animal and looking defenseless.

Squealing and wrapping her arms together are traits the star also relies on (pictured with co-host Declan Donnelly)

For Holly there are four key areas of cute, rather girly displays:

THE EYES: Holly tends to keep a wide-eyed look even when she is smiling, which is when you might normally see an emphatic narrowing of the eye. We associate wide, rounded eye shapes with very young, innocent children and a narrowed eye with a more cynical, discerning adult.

THE MOUTH: Holly performs a wide, symmetric smile that shows upper and lower teeth. Smiling always tends to make the features of the face look younger and a wide smile like this can knock years off anyone’s age.

THE HANDS: Holly tends to place one hand on her hip and hold the other arm slightly in front of her pelvis. The hand on the hip is a typical beauty queen trick to flatter the torso while the one over the pelvis creates a slimmer body shape in front of the camera.

It’s fail-safe! Holly’s Instagram posts show her using the selfie stance loved by twentysomethings. The technique? Lean back, one leg out and a slight head tilt

THE LEGS: Holly combines short skirts with clumpy lace-up ankle boots which is another combination of sexy/cute that creates a more youthful look. She tends to stand with her legs slightly apart and her left leg fidgeting like a naughty kid.

Combined with her habits of squealing, wrapping her arms together, giggling and eye-rolling when Dec cracks a joke, Holly is drawing on a repertoire of very cute and youthful body language techniques to help create a younger look. 

One word of warning though: Do not try this in the workplace if you want to be seen as high status, confident and worthy of respect from your colleagues. 

The girly, cute look is very retro and although it works beautifully for Holly on TV it’s not really suited to a more feminist, emancipated impact in real life. Theresa May, for example, would do herself no favours by adopting the look in a hope to win votes.’


It’s all so easy for Holly’s co-host Dec, he oscillates between shirts and trousers and, erm, shirts and trousers. 

For Holly though, the new face of M&S, comes scrutiny galore…but her looks seem to be working, with hundreds of people admiring her ‘jungling’ looks on Instagram. 

Fashion expert Simon Glazin says she’s down with the kids but not too much – and that’s the secret to her looking ten years younger than she does. 

Minis all the way: Holly has stuck with the formula of mini-skirts with bare legs and boots so far for her stint in the jungle. Fashion expert Simon Glazin say the looks keep her ‘real’, which is important to her fanbase

‘If you follow Holly on Instagram, and watch her on This Morning, you’ll know she’s built quite the fashion following. Sequin skirts, rainbow dresses, the lot! And her jungle wardrobe is hitting the high notes too.’

Simon says Holly’s taken the jungle theme literally…but the looks could work just as well on a UK high street.  

He explains: ‘Her signature of tucked-in tees to mini skirts is working. And the lace up boots are just her, and her stylist’s way of keeping her looks more ‘real’, which many millenials will love.

‘Who doesn’t imagine themselves in the rain forest, clomping about in studded ankle boots?’

Any fashion faux pas?  ‘When Holly donned cowboy boots and a Chinese-inspired dress, my first thought was: OMG. But looking at it twice, I thought it was a genius styling move.

‘That’s the beauty of her looks – you’re bound to have something similar in your wardrobe, or if you don’t, you’ll be the first clicking to buy!


Fresh and glowing is the order of the day for Holly’s jungle make-up, giving her a youthful exuberance

The Aussie jungle can wreak havoc with skin, with high humidity, dramatic showers and quick changes in temperatures…so how is Holly managing to look perfectly serene in the make-up department? 

Mel Jenkinson, founder of skincare company Glow Organic, says hydration is the key to keeping skin healthy.    

She told Femail: ‘Holly is looking fresh and glowing in the jungle and under that humidity and heat she’ll need to be sure she’s using plenty of hydrating skincare to keep her skin looking plump, as well as an SPF to protect from the sun.’

Make-up that will endure long hours in front of the camera is also a must, says Mel. 

‘Holly tends to wear lots of bronze and gold to compliment her blue eyes. Her make-up artist has most likely used a cream eyeshadow like the Gressa Eye Tints as these have smudge-proof wear and strong colour to show up on camera, but also not slide off or crease.   

Make-up that can withstand the heat of the jungle – and long hours in humidity – are essential for preserving Holly’s youthful make-up. Glow Organic founder Mel Jenkinson says Holly’s skincare team will be looking at products that keep her skin looking hydrated

Like a fine wine! Holly pictured ten years ago with This Morning co-host Phillip Schofield

Sun protection is essential too in spite of the jungle surroundings: ‘The Hynt Beauty Sun Prep will keep the skin hydrated with the added benefit of SPF 25, this also acts as a great make-up base to stop makeup slipping off in the humidity! 

‘To up the hydration during the day and to refresh her makeup, a hyaluronic acid mist like the BYBI Beauty Mega Mist will need to be on hand to perk up her tired skin.’

Any Holly’s eyes? ‘A smudge-free mascara will ensure Holly doesn’t risk panda eyes whilst filming, so the Kjaer Weis Mascara would be an essential. 

‘Lastly, Holly will need to be sure her lipstick is going to stay put so a long wearing lip pencil like the Kjaer Weis Lip Pencils paired with a lip colour that gives some hydration in the heat, like the Gressa Lip Boost’s will be ideal for keeping her lips moisturised whilst providing colour.’

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