Hailey Bieber Seems to 'Beg' Selena Gomez Fans to Stop Harassing Her: 'Be Miserable Somewhere Else'

Without naming names, Bieber nevertheless makes it pretty clear which comments and which trolls she's likely had enough of.

Without confirmation, it would be irresponsible to say definitively that Hailey Bieber is calling out Selena Gomez fans and telling them to finally please leave her alone — but the evidence is pretty compelling.

The model has been bombarded and harassed since the earliest days of her relationship with Justin Bieber from a certain segment of Selena’s fans who seem to believe that Justin and Selena should still be together.

Now, despite years since Justin and Selena were together, and Hailey and Justin having years — and a marriage! — in their relationship now, these types of comments continue to crop up on a regular basis.

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The latest “offense” came when Hailey posted a clip to her TikTok of her lip-synching to Justin’s 2009 song “One Time.” At the time of this writing, we quickly found multiple comments pointing out that the song was written for Selena with laughing/crying emojis.

While that may be true, in what way is it relevant today, and why the aggressive emojis. But it’s not just this latest post for Hailey. Fans also speculated that his 2021 song “Ghosts” was about Selena, too.

Less than two weeks after her lip-synch video, Hailey again took to the platform with a simple message, strong yet vaguely delivered. “This is for you guys in my comments every single time I post,” Hailey captioned the clip — and yet, we feel pretty confident we know to which commenters she’s directing this message.

“Leave me alone at this point,” an exasperated looking Hailey says into the camera. “I’m minding my business. I don’t do anything, I don’t say anything. Leave me alone, please.”

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She goes on to say, “Enough time has gone by where it’s valid to leave me alone. I beg of you. Truly. That’s my only request. Be miserable somewhere else, please.” It’s the “enough time has passed” that suggests most pointedly that she’s referring to all the Selena comments she still gets.

After dating Selena off and on from 2011 to 2015, Justin and Hailey dated briefly that same year He then reconnected with Selena briefly in 2017. That lasted until May 2018. Two months later, Justin proposed to Hailey and they wound up married two months after that.

Considering their relationships did intertwine for several years, it’s easy to see why some fans had a hard time seeing Justin move on so quickly from his final breakup with Selena, but that’s what happened.

In fact, they’ve both since moved on and Justin and Hailey have now been married three-and-a-half years. It’s easy to imagine her frustration after all these years that some fans don’t seem to be able to do what both Justin and Selena managed.

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