Guests on lockdown at quarantined coronavirus hotel in Tenerife allowed to leave

Fifty British guests at the Tenerife hotel on lockdown over coronavirus fears will be allowed to leave.

All guests, including 160 Brits, were originally instructed to remain on lockdown at the four-star H10 Costa Adeje Palace in the south west of the Spanish island until March 10.

A total of 700 people were originally quarantined at the resort after an Italian doctor tested positive for the virus – with 130 now being told they can leave.

The 130 departing the hotel have been given permission to leave because they arrived after February 24 – by which time an Italian doctor to tested positive for the virus at the resort had already been taken to hospital.

Some Brits staying at the hotel were worried quarantine measures being taken were 'unsafe'. 

According to one guest, many Brits had joined a WhatsApp group where they discussed their concerns.

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One man, who did not want to be named, said: "We have been told to stay in our rooms but the hotel has no way of enforcing it.

"We have a WhatsApp group for all of the Brits and we don't feel safe. We think this is going to end up worse than that ship (the Diamond Princess).

"I don't think confusion would be the right word to describe it – they are just not able to enforce quarantine conditions.

"People are able to walk around the buildings and some are even going in the pool."

The Brit said that people were interacting with each other while not wearing masks.

"They served a buffet-style dinner last night, and people were milling about without masks, touching utensils – the virus is bound to spread," he continued.

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"It's totally crazy. We feel we are just being quarantined until we eventually get it [Covid-19].

"No one seems to be helping, and the consulate aren't helping us – why can't they bring us home?"

The El Pais newspaper said 800 guests from 25 countries are in the hotel, along with around 200 workers.

Two security perimeters remain in place, while a "field hospital" has been set up to treat anybody with coronavirus symptoms.

Other guests, including Hannah Green from Hertforshire, said that nobody had come to take their temperature.

The 27-year-old said: "Everyone got tested yesterday – last night. They had their temperatures taken, except us and another couple so far that we know of.

"If we go out on to the balcony, the couple that we can see on our right hand side, they haven't (been checked) either, so it's our two rooms together.

"I was really upset this morning that the doctors hadn't been to see us. I feel like our son should be a priority because he's a baby."

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