Gran ‘gets compliments all the time’ after cosmetic treatment

Mum and granny Jean Bertram never wanted to look like a whole new person or 20 years younger – just the best version of herself. She told how Dr Olha transformed her skin at Angels Twelve clinic.

Jean came across Angels Twelve when she was 53 and struggling with wrinkling around the eyes and sagging in her jowl area.

She told “I felt as though I needed a lift. I needed to look fresher.”

After a full consultation with practitioner Dr Olha, Jean decided to go for a small amount of MaiLi filler in her nasal labial.

At the time she was dubious about how her eye wrinkles could be affected without surgery, so she avoided this for the time being.

Jean revealed that while she was not uncomfortable or self-conscious about her appearance she “just wanted to look the best [she] could”.

Initially her loved ones told her she didn’t need any treatment, but her husband is now really proud of her for taking the plunge and doing something that makes her feel good.

Jean was so delighted with the treatment that she actually sought a job with Dr Olha as Angels Twelve’s practice manager.

Since her first treatment, Jean has had a few more administered by Dr Olha, who she has “massive trust” in.

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The talented practitioner was even able to correct Jean’s under-eye wrinkling with filler in her tear trough.

Jean was absolutely delighted, as before she had thought this was “kind of impossible”.

She has also had more filler in her jawline, chin and nasal labial lines, probably having this done just once a year.

Jean revealed that within just two weeks of treatment she started to see results.

The glam gran is super happy with her face post-treatment, revealing that nowadays people are “always keen” to learn how she does it.

“They often tell me they feel re-assured when they see me as I look natural, age- appropriate and not overdone.”

She told “Everybody agrees that if I didn’t choose to tell people that I had the treatment, they wouldn’t look at me and think I had.”

While she wasn’t looking for a confidence boost, Jean found that her treatments did not only give her a physical transformation but a mental one too.

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She told “I can’t believe that I’ve got 40-year-old daughters because I feel as though I should still be 40 myself. It also makes me feel that I can kind of wear what I want.

“I get compliments all the time about how I look, especially within this environment because we’re here to make people feel good.”

Angels Twelve’s Jean Bertram and Dr Olha Vorodyukhina are the authors of Beyond the Mirror, which takes a deep dive into cosmetic treatment “to help people make the right choices”.

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