GMB Laura Tobin breaks down talking about the effect of climate change

‘And now for the woke weather report’: GMB viewers are not convinced as Laura Tobin breaks down in tears over mleting glaciers in the North Pole – and ask why she ‘had to fly to Norway to report on the climate crisis’

  • ITV’s weatherwoman Laura Tobin, 39, broke down in tears live on air today
  • The GMB correspondent was reporting from Svalbard, near the North Pole
  • As she talked about effect of global warming on glacier, she started crying
  • She said her daughter Charlotte, four, had drawn picture of her with polar bear 

It was an emotional weather report for Good Morning Britain’s Laura Tobin today as she showed the impact of climate change on the North Pole. 

Laura, 39, was giving a special live report from Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago between mainland Norway and the North Pole, which is known for its glaciers. 

The presenter was explaining how the glaciers of Svalbard melting affects the rest of the world and the UK when she suddenly broke down in tears. 

Visibly shaken, Laura explained she was thinking of her daughter Charlotte, four,  who she hasn’t seen for six days, and who had drawn her a picture of a polar bear ahead of the trip. 

Laura said she didn’t know whether there will still be polar bears in the area by the time Charlotte is her age. 

Viewers were split by the segment, with some expressing sympathy while others claimed Laura was trying to be ‘woke.’

Good Morning Britain’s weather correspondent Laura Tobin, 39, pictured, broke down in tears during a live segment from Svalbard, Norway, today

The segment started normally for Laura, who was speaking in front of a glacier with a confident smile.  

‘We’ve come here because Svalbard is warming up and more than anywhere else on Earth, and the impacts around the world are huge,’ she said. 

‘We need ice because it helps cool our planet. The weather here and the fact the ice is melting disrupts the jet-streams and changes the weather in the UK, the ice melting leads to sea level rise, which will lead to flooding in the UK. 

‘And here the vision of the changing landscape and the impact it’s had on ecosystems and wildlife before our eyes has been breathtaking and devastating.’

The presenter started crying as she said she didn’t know whether her daughter Charlotte, four, pictured, would ever get to see polar bears in the North Pole

Viewers did feel for Laura but others said the problem started at the top and that quitting using cars was not the solution 

At this moment, Laura’s voice began to break and she struggled to keep her composure. 

‘I came here, ripped away from Charlotte for six days,’ she said, fighting back tears, ‘My producer Ruth hasn’t seen her daughter, she’s never had a night away from her.

‘And I wanted to come here and tell the story of the people here because it’s actually not a story it’s a reality.’ 

She brandished a piece of paper, showing a drawing from Charlotte to the camera.  

‘And my little Charlotte had drawn this picture here, a picture of a polar bear talking to a polar bear,’ she said. 

‘But if Charlotte comes here when she’s my age, there potentially won’t be polar bears,’ she added. 

Laura began the segment confidently, talking the audience through the impact the ice caps melting had on the UK

Halfway through, the presenter’s voice broke and she began crying, visibly moved by the reality of climate change

Svalbard is an archipelago located between Norway and the North Pole, which is known for its glaciers and rugged landscape, pictured

‘You know, we were all talking about what we can do. Just understanding the reality and everyone making a different and everyone working together and not pointing fingers will help,’ she said.  

She concluded by saying that even though she was crying, she had enojyed her time in Svalbard and would like to come back one day. 

Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley, who were presenting the show today, were touched by Laura’s tears.  

‘You said sometimes people go to a particular location for a couple of days and end up staying years, because they are so compelled by what they see and what they can do,’ Susanna said. 

Charlotte fought back tears as she showed the camera a drawing of a polar bear from her daughter Charlotte, pictured

‘I know Charlotte means you’re gonna come back. Otherwise, Laura, we would be at risk of you staying there for a long time because it’s such important work.’

Laura, who had recovered from her tears, nodded and said Charlotte understood why she went to Svalbard. 

‘She said, “The ice is melting” and I said “Why?” and she said “Because the earth is warming up”,’ proud mother Laura recalled. 

‘And I told her “Why?” and she replied “Because we’re driving our cars to the shops”. 

‘I want to let her know we did everything we could to make sure this landscape stays the same for her,’ she concluded. 

The moment split audiences between those who felt for Laura, and the others who said she was being ‘woke.’

Some viewers said Laura’s segment had more impact on them than a previous moment in the show where the leader of Insulate Britain tried to justify the M25 protest from yesterday

‘Oh Laura,’ one said. 

‘And now for the woke weather,’ another wrote. 

‘Being up in Svalbard attunes you to nature and what’s going on in the real world – most of us are so alienated from our natural environment we don’t understand the gravity of the crisis we are facing. If we did, we would be crying too,’ one wrote. 

‘I’m sorry Laura is upset @GMB but the problem with climate change starts at the top. Forcing people out of their cars onto what? It’s fine in London, Manchester, Edinburgh. Go to a rural location and you’ll see hardly any transport. All the rubbish left at festivals etc,’ another said. 

‘As much as I disagree with Laura flying there, that last little segment she did had more impact on me that the guy that was on earlier EVER could. Absolutely heartfelt and not antagonising people,’ one said.   

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