Gilles Marini on Kim Cattrall Deciding Against ‘Sex and the City 3’: ’There Should Be No Scandal’ – Us Weekly

Dante checking in! Gilles Marini says the Sex and the City movie made his career, but he wouldn’t be sorry if there wasn’t another movie. In fact, he supports Kim Cattrall’s decision not to participate in a threequel.

“One person wants to move forward? Enjoy! Move forward,” he exclusively told Us Weekly at the A Time for Heroes event in Culver City, California, on Sunday, October 28. “There should be no scandal. No one should be forced to do anything … At the end of the day, I think it’s to each his own. We cannot point fingers at somebody who doesn’t want to do something.”

Cattrall, 62, informed fans in 2017 that she didn’t want to do a third Sex and the City film, saying she came to that decision the prior year. And Marini, who played her character’s crush in the first film, says the actress probably wants new challenges.

“Kim Cattrall can play anything,” the Dancing With the Stars alum observed. “She’s so skilled and intelligent … There is so much that she can offer and she will. So that’s why she probably wants to move on and do other things.”

And though Marini thinks the franchise could continue without Cattrall, he’s not sure it should.

“They can make anything happen,” he explained. “They can change an entire cast and make it happen. But I think a lot of people want to see the original cast because it’s something very special. That’s what the issue is, but there is nothing that I can do to change it.”

In fact, Marini is reaching reboot and revival fatigue. “I feel like there are so many things to be created. Let’s make something new that your generation goes, ‘Oh my God. It’s Sunday night. I need to watch this.’ Where are the creators for this?” the French-born actor said. “It makes me feel like sometimes maybe executives are feeling like, ‘Oh, let’s play safe,’ where in life, no good stories start with, ‘I was drinking this glass of water.’ That’s what I’m saying. Let’s be ballsy!”

With reporting by Nicole Pajer

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