Get Over Your Last Breakup with Carly Rae Jepsen's New Bop 'Party For One'

Carly Rae Jepsen, the absolute queen of infectiously catchy, optimistic songs about falling in love, dropped a breakup single today. And guess what? “Party For One” is every bit as uplifting as any of CRJ’s bops about having a crush.

While there are plenty of upbeat heartbreak songs out there (usually centered around glowing up and the guy regretting he ever dumped you), Carly’s take is much more real and subdued. “If you didn’t know that you were right for me / Then there’s nothing I can say,” she sings as she glances at her reflection, neither forcefully peppy nor brimming with anger. “If you don’t care about me / I’ll just dance for myself,” she repeats, looking a little bit happier every time she says it.

Other people in the video (fellow solo hotel guests) are all presumably dealing with breakup feels of their own. And they all handle them differently–one casually burns her ex’s face with a cigarette:

Another eats spaghetti and wine in a bathtub which TBH, is the best way to cope:

Or rummage through their luggage to gleefully rediscover how great butt plugs are:

Some people are ready to dance:

Others are not there yet:

But the point is, barring slashing your ex’s tires, there are few wrong ways to deal with the immediate aftermath of a breakup. There’s no rush to go out with your friends, to remember everything you hated about your ex, to have instant clarity of what the relationship meant to you.

If, like Carly, you’re still wondering if “it was all a dream I let myself believe?” you can do that in between dancing in your underwear. Splitting up with someone is hard, but it doesn’t have to be a consistent sobfest.

You can know the breakup was ultimately for the best, while still mulling over the loss of someone you love. You can feel moments of lightness and excitement, punctuated by the occasional cry as you slowly get over them. It’s a party for one. You do you.

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