Frank Castle Is Back! Netflix Releases a Brief Teaser For Season 2 of The Punisher

In case you were worried that Marvel’s The Punisher would follow the same cancellation fate as Luke Cage or Daredevil, Netflix is here to assuage your fears — at least for now. While we still don’t have a premiere date for the series’s second season, we do have a teaser!

The streaming service dropped the brief snippet on Tuesday, New Year’s Day, giving fans a small taste of what’s to come. The clip doesn’t show Frank Castle’s face (generally covered in bruises or a lush beard), but we do get to watch as he burns up the official presidential pardon he received, thanks to his agreement with Homeland Security from last season. Apparently he’s done hiding because, as the tease says, it’s time to go “back to work.”

Punisher‘s first season follows Frank (Jon Bernthal) on his gruesome crusade for vengeance, as well as the tragic backstory that prompts it. This time around, Frank’s out of the city and out of personal vendettas to declare war for. Somehow, despite being on a “vacation from violence,” he finds his way back into trouble with the addition of a new teenage sidekick, Amy (Giorgia Whigham). Season two is going to premiere sometime in January, but until we have a set premiere date, the teaser is enough to assure fans that more is coming. Considering Netflix has already canceled three of its other Marvel series — including Iron Fist — the fate of Punisher and Jessica Jones, which was renewed for a third season back in April 2018, is up in the air. For now though, Frank has some work to do.

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