‘Fiji water girl’ steals the show on Golden Globes red carpet

‘She’ll have a movie deal by the end of the night!’ Twitter goes gaga over hilarious images of smiling ‘Fiji water lady’ photobombing multiple stars on the Golden Globes red carpet

  • Model Kelleth Cuthbert, from Los Angeles, was stationed on the red carpet with a tray of Fiji water bottles to give out to guests 
  • She was wearing a blue dress so as to match the company’s signature color, and was seen lurking in the background of numerous pictures of A-list attendees 
  • While some of the images show her looking away from the camera, many of them capture her smiling directly into the lens 
  • Twitter was flooded with praise for the unnamed brunette’s appearances in the images, with some people referring to her as their ‘spirit animal’ 

Forget the actors, producers, directors and musicians who won awards at this evening’s Golden Globes because the true star of the night has been chosen by social media – and it’s none other than a water girl. 

Brunette model Kelleth Cuthbert, who was hired by Fiji water to serve its product to guests on the red carpet, has become the unlikely ‘queen’ of this year’s award ceremony after she was spotted photobombing multiple A-listers – quickly becoming a viral star in the process. 

In a few of the images, the Los Angeles-based model is seen with her face turned away from the camera – but it is the photographs that show her flashing a sly smile directly into the lens that have truly captured Twitter’s attention, and earned her their respect. 

Star of the show: A model hired by Fiji water to promote its product on the red carpet at the Golden Globes has earned viral fame for photobombing numerous stars, including Judy Greer

One of them: Kelleth Cuthbert, who has been christened Fiji water lady on Twitter, looked just like one of the guests in her floor-length blue gown

A dream moment: The model, from Los Angeles, was living out many people’s dreams by posing this closely to Bodyguard star Richard Madden  

Firm friends: Kelleth got so close to stars like Lucy Boynton in a few of the snaps that it looked almost as though she was attending the awards with them

Brazen: Some Twitter users noted that Kelleth’s smile looked a bit sinister in a few of the photos

‘Queen’: The model even managed to sneak into the background of a picture of Nicole Kidman – and looked more prepared for the camera than the actress did

‘Fiji Water lady owned the Golden Globes,’ one person tweeted, while another chimed in: ‘The Fiji Water girl is literally living her best life!’ 

One user even added: ‘The Fiji water girl is my spirit animal for 2019.’ 

Some people even suggested that Kelleth’s few minutes in the spotlight would lead to bigger and better things for her – while also poking fun at her slightly sinister expression in a few of the photo.   

‘By the end of the night Fiji water lady is going to have a movie deal or will have murdered several celebrities,’ one person wrote.  

Meanwhile Glamour magazine praised her ability to take advantage of the situation, tweeting: ‘This woman isn’t nominated for anything, she’s just holding Fiji water for the celebs on the red carpet whilst milking it for all it’s worth and we are living. SERVE IT, QUEEN.’ 

Kelleth, or Fiji water lady as she has been christened on Twitter, has certainly lived out the fantasy of many Hollywood hangers-on, appearing in photos with some of the industry’s brightest stars. 

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Working it! Kelleth, pictured with Jamie Lee Curtis, was congratulated on Twitter for ‘serving’ in every sense of the word, from the water to the sensational stares at the camera

Just about made it! In a few of the photos, Kelleth is off to the side, such as in this photo of Constance Wu, while others see her taking a more front-and-center position

Feeling shy? Some Twitter users joked that ‘Fiji water lady’ is ‘stronger than all of us’ because she was able to look away from handsome hunk Idris Elba

Twinning! The model almost looked as though she had dressed to match Camilla Belle

Look away! Kelleth was snapped with several leading ladies, including Kaley Cuoco (left) and Molly Sims (right)  

What’s over there? In a number of images, the model is seen staring off into the distance, including this snap of William H Macy that she appears in the background of

Pucker up! Kelleth even managed to work her way into the background of a kissing photo of Heidi Klum and her new fiance Tom Kaulitz

Oh hi there: Fiji water lady, seen posing with Entertainment Tonight host Carly Steel (right) and activist and philanthropist Irena Medavoy, was hailed as the ‘queen’ of the awards on Twitter

To name a few, the woman was snapped with actress Judy Greer, Bodyguard star and Golden Globe winner Richard Madden, Crazy Rich Asians’ Costance Wu, Lucy Boynton of Bohemian Rhapsody fame, and breakthrough star Kiki Layne. 

Kelleth even managed to sneak into the background of a romantic kissing shot of Heidi Klum and her new fiance Tom Kaulitz. 

And it seems she is already earning her first few celebrity interviews, speaking to the LA Times at the event, where she admitted that she had worked out a strategy for achieving the best photobomb. 

‘It’s all strategic,’ she explained. ‘You’ve got to angle.’ 

The publication added that Kelleth was ‘ticked pink to hear her hard work for the brand was getting noticed on social media’. 

Kelleth appeared grateful for the media attention, sharing a few snippets from articles about her viral fame on her Instagram Story, after sharing a candid snap of herself on the red carpet – without any of her new famous friends. 

Super star: Kelleth was christened the ‘queen of the red carpet’ by social media fans

The true star of the show: Twitter users couldn’t contain their excitement over Kelleth’s photobombing skills, and her image was quickly turned into multiple memes

‘Thank you, Fiji water lady’: One Twitter user praised Kelleth for ‘teaching us’ that you can ‘always lurk smulgly in the background of someone else’s moment’

Ominous! Others pointed out that the model looked slightly sinister lurking in the background of so many images 

‘Not the worst way to spend a Sunday…’ she captioned the image, which sees her flashing her now-famous smile over a shoulder at the camera. 

Although perhaps her most high-profile appearance to date, this is not the first time that Kelleth has made her mark in front of the cameras – quite the opposite in fact.  

The model – who is represented by Wilhemina, the same agency that first looked after Kendall Jenner at the start of her fashion career – has posed for multiple editorial shoots, as well as a few smaller-name brands. 

Images featured in her online portfolio show her modeling in a wide variety of shoots, from sporty shots to saucy images of her in sexy lingerie and sheer shirts.  

Whether or not her moment in the spotlight as Fiji water lady gives her modeling career a boost, Kelleth can be save in the knowledge that she has cemented her name in the list of viral meme stars. 

Within minutes of her images spreading across the internet, someone had already set up a spoof Twitter account under the name Fiji Water Girl, with one of the first tweets posted reading: ‘I am just serving Fiji water and been cute. 

The stand-out: Kelleth was actually one of four Fiji water girls working at the event 

Fun night: Kelleth took to Instagram to post an image of herself on the red carpet – without any of her new famous friends 

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Beauty: The model, who is repped by Wilhemina – the same agency that first looked after Kendall Jenner – has posed for a number of editorial shoots in the past

Sunshine: Kellet is currently based in Los Angeles, where the Golden Globes took place

‘Who’s the real star now, Sandra?’ 

Interestingly, Kelleth was actually one of four Fiji water girls hired to work at the event – however her colleagues don’t appear to have been quite so confident in their photobombing skills. 

Ahead of the red carpet kick-off, the four women were seen posing together for a few official Fiji shots, with all of the models wearing two different dress styles, both of which were designed in the same shade of blue. 

Kelleth’s dress featured a gentle v-shaped neckline, as well as several layers of tulle material, as well as pretty black ribbon straps that were each tied with a small bow.   

Far from being the average budget-friendly garment you might expect a brand spokespmodel to wear however, Kelleth’s dress was perfectly suited to the glamorous event; the blue design from Marchesa Notte retails for a whopping $995 and is available in sizes 0 to 14. 

The Los Angeles-based model certainly looked the part as she took to the red carpet at the event, and she more than proved her abilities in front of the camera by beaming delightedly at the camera throughout the evening. 

The other stars: Kelleth did have other models joining her on the red carpet, however they did not manage to achieve the same high-profile status as their colleague

Matchy matchy: There was another woman wearing the same Marchesa Notte dress as Kelleth; the design retails for a whopping $995, and is available in size 0 to 14

Head down: None of the other Fiji water girls appear to have been as eager to feature in photos

Indeed, Fiji water is no doubt delighted with Kelleth’s performance; the water brand, which has been an official sponsor of the Golden Globes since 2015, is not likely to have had such a huge amount of social media attention since it first began working with the awards ceremony. 

The California-based brand was first founded in 1996, and has since earned itself a legion of high-profile fans, including the likes of Nicole Kidman – an attendee at tonight’s ceremony – and former president Barack Obama.  

Described as an ‘natural artesian water’, the product is said to be filtered by one of the ‘world’s last virgin ecosystems’. 

‘On a remote Pacific island, 1,600 miles from the nearest continent, equatorial trade winds purify the clouds that begin Fiji water’s journey through one of the world’s last virgin ecosystems,’ its website reads. 

‘As tropical rain falls on a pristine rain forest, it filters through layers of volcanic rock, slowly gathering the natural minerals and electrolytes that give Fiji water its soft, smooth taste. 

‘The water collects in a natural artesian aquifer, deep below the Earth’s surface, shielded from external elements by confining layers of rock. Natural pressure forces the water towards the surface, where it’s bottled at the source, free from human contact until you unscrew the cap. Untouched by man. Earth’s Finest Water.’

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