Feeding your dog mince pies could be life threatening

If you love to go a little overboard at Christmas, then it’s likely you’ll have a house full of food.

From different cheeses to cakes, meats and alcohol, your cupboards will be crammed to the brim with festive goodies.

But if you don’t eat it all over the holiday season, make sure you don’t try and give the leftovers to your pets as it could prove to be incredibly bad for their health and even potentially life threatening.

This is the warning pet food brand Scrumbles have offered to animal owners all over the world.

The company have shared a list of the top ‘no-go foods’ for pets over Christmas alongside a new campaign urging people with pets to check their dog or cat’s poo every day for signs of ill health.

At the top of their dangerous foods list was grapes and raisins – meaning snacks such as mince pies and Christmas puddings are a definite NO for your pets.

TV vet Dr Rory Cowlam, who has previously appeared on Lorraine and CBBC’s The Pets Factor, confirmed that you should never feed your pet either of the above.

He said: "Mince pies, Christmas pudding and lots of other Christmas treats are full of raisins, sultanas and currants.

"These are all types of dried grape which can be highly toxic to your dogs and cats. It isn’t known exactly how these cause toxicity but they can all cause life threatening kidney failure so if your pet manages to snaffle some over the holiday period, get straight in touch with your vet."

As well as grapes, other food items that should be avoided include anything containing cheese, alcohol and chocolate.

Fatty or fried treats should also be steered clear of and your pets shouldn’t be given cooked bones, onions, garlic or other members of the allium family.

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