FDA plans to ban sale of most flavored e-cigarettes at convenience stores and gas stations

The Food and Drug Administration is planning to crack down on sales of flavored e-cigarette products, claiming they are highly addictive and have become hugely popular with minors. The FDA said it could take action as soon as next week.

In September, the FDA set a 60-day deadline for several major e-cigarette companies to prove they could keep these e-cigarettes away from kids. One of those companies, Juul, holds more than 70 percent of the e-cigarette market share overall, and has become overwhelmingly popular with minors.

Experts say these flavored products, like mango and fruit, particularly appeal to young people. Now, commissioner Scott Gottlieb plans to ban sales of most flavored e-cigarettes in two places: convenience stores and gas stations.

  • CDC director learned about Juul e-cigarettes from his 13-year-old grandson

The restriction would reportedly not apply to mint flavors because menthol cigarettes are sold. He’s also considering online restrictions, including having age-verification requirements for those sales.

Advocacy groups looking to protect teens said that they are pleased to see what they call “first steps” from the FDA, but also pointed out that this move will not affect mint flavor, at least for now, and they worry kids may just switch over to that.

CBS News reached out to Juul about these new possible restrictions, but the company has not yet offered comment. In the past, they have said they never intended to target young people.

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