Father begs missing wife to return home in time for Christmas

The husband of a missing woman has has urged his wife to come home as soon as possible so she can spend Christmas with her two young sons.

Gareth Kettlety last spoke to Kimberly – who he is separated from – on November 7 so he could arrange for one of their sons to stay the night at her house the following Saturday.

Although he didn’t hear from Kimberly for the rest of the week he took the boys – Max, 11 and Ethan, seven – to the spot in Newport town centre where they would usually meet.

However Kimberly did not turn up, Wales Online reports.

She was last seen on Thursday, November 8 near the Dolman Theatre and Lower Dock Street area of Newport.

Gareth has been leading a campaign to track down the 35-year-old by organising search parties, handing out leaflets, and spreading the message on social media.

Train mechanic Gareth said he hadn’t initially told his sons of the seriousness of their mum’s disappearance, but has since explained to avoid them hearing it from elsewhere.

"The weekend just gone it sort of dawned on them that she might not be home for Christmas," the 34-year-old said.

"That was difficult. They sort of twigged themselves. They are telling me I have got to find her for Christmas."

Gareth, who is separated from Mrs Kettlety, said this year would be her turn to have the boys with her on Christmas morning.

"They would have stayed at her parents’ house," he said. "Kim would have stayed up there and Kim’s sister would probably have come round as well."

Gareth let Mrs Kettlety’s parents know and the following day she was formally reported missing to Gwent Police.

"The police have said her last point of contact was a phone call with her boyfriend," he said.

"She left [her parent’s house] by taxi and she got off at that little cul-de sac-by the Dolman Theatre."

The family checked her home in Maesglas where they discovered she had left her mobile phone and the front door open.

"Her door was open and her phone was on the table," Gareth said. "Her keys were also left behind."

Gareth said presents she had bought the boys for Christmas were also found in the house.

Gareth has since started a Facebook group called Help Find Kim , and has been distributing leaflets and organising search party events around the city.

But he says the long five-week search has taken its toll on him and the family.

"I had four weeks off work for stress which has helped me to organise these events and with the kids as well," he said. "But it has been tough."

More than 1,000 people have joined Gareth’s Facebook group offering their support.

"The boys want her home. They are really missing her," he said.

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