Facebook Just Launched a New Dating App — and It Has a Game-Changing Match Feature

Facebook is in the early stages of testing a new dating app to help users find their soul mates.

After previously only being available in Colombia, Facebook Dating launched in Canada and Thailand on Thursday, according to a Facebook press release obtained by PEOPLE.

In order to use the new online dating service, Facebook users will be tasked with creating a new profile that will exist separately from the one that all of your friends and family can see. And don’t worry, Facebook Dating won’t share your activities to yours or anybody else’s Facebook profile or News Feeds.

The dating service will send you suggested matches based “on your preferences, interests, and things you do on Facebook,” but the app won’t try to make a love connection with any of your Facebook friends (or anybody you have blocked), Facebook promises.

If you’ve ever questioned whether you accidentally swiped left on the love of your life, perhaps the most exciting news is their Second Look feature, which allows users to “re-review” somebody they might have initially decided wasn’t a match.

A second feature allows you to stop the matching process, either because you have found somebody or because you simply don’t feel like wading around in the dating pool anymore.

You will also have the ability to block or hide anybody — including specific friends of friends — from your suggested matches.

The app will only be available to users 18 and over, Vice News reported.

In a video question and answer session, Charmaine Hung, technical program manager for Facebook Dating, explained what led Facebook to start developing the dating service.

“We’ve seen on Facebook that people have been using it to connect with friends and make new ones. And we started seeing actually that people were using it to form meaningful romantic relationships, which is really cool,” she said. “And we’ve seen that over 200 million people listed themselves as single on their Facebook relationship status and we so thought that this would be a great opportunity for us to help people.”

One of the ways Facebook Dating makes matches is by allowing users to opt in to Facebook Events and Groups, which will allow them to find people who meet their dating preferences — or even help them make a missed connection.

Additionally, in order to start conversations, people will have to click on another user’s profile and respond to something in particular, instead of just copying and pasting a generic pick-up line.

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Of course, since Facebook Dating is still in the early stages of testing, users who are able to sign up for the program might have to wait a bit before getting to use the program.

The Verge reported that the match feature won’t become available in Canada and Thailand until there are enough users who have signed up for the service.

There is currently no information about when Facebook Dating will become available in the U.S.

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