Elizabeth Taylor and Princess Margaret Were Always Competing For Biggest Diva

While being in the spotlight sounds pretty glamorous for just about anyone, the truth of the matter is that it is actually a lot of pressure. Especially those who are extremely high profile, such as royal family members and very well known celebrities, they know that they are always being watched and every move they make is constantly being criticized. Even so, there may be times when living a life of luxury just might go to someone’s head — and they may not even know it!

Elizabeth Taylor and Princess Margaret came from two very different worlds. Taylor, one of the most famous actors of all time, had become accustomed to the glitz of Hollywood life, and Princess Margaret, who was arguably just as famous, lived in the world of royalty, where there was a set of rules to follow and a lot of people to answer to. They may have had different lives, but that didn’t stop the two from having similar personalities. Here is how Elizabeth Taylor and Princess Margaret were always competing for the biggest diva.

The lives of Elizabeth Taylor and Princess Margaret

It is hard to deny the fact that millions of people envied the extravagant lives of both Elizabeth Taylor and Princess Margaret. Taylor had an amazing career, and according to The List, was actually one of the most iconic actors in recent history. Known for her striking violet eyes, Taylor was also remembered for her many marriages — eight in total. She charmed audiences for decades, having appeared in a countless number of classic movies and television shows.

Princess Margaret, on the other hand, was the youngest daughter of King George IV, and Town and Country reports that she had a reputation as the “party girl” of the royal family. Unlike Taylor, Margaret had a happy childhood and was in the public eye from the time she was born. She had a number of relationships, but one of the major differences between the princess and the actor is that Margaret was only married one time. 

Both women were known for dramatic behavior

As just about anyone can imagine, Taylor made a name for herself with her over the top behavior. She did everything in abundance, and nothing was ever quiet or simple. According to Poconorecord, Taylor was dramatic both on and offscreen, and she didn’t care who knew it. She never hesitated to flaunt her beauty or her celebrity status, and enjoyed living the high life of a popular movie star. Princess Margaret, on the other hand, was also known for stirring up drama. She was no stranger to scandal, and, according to Vogue, was a pretty bad guest as well, one time being intentionally late to a dinner party that was held in her honor. 

Elizabeth Taylor and Princess Margaret were always competing for biggest diva

It is no surprise that someone as famous as Taylor had connections to the British royal family, but what many people may not know is that they were always competing for the title of the biggest diva. How so? People reports that the princess actually flirted with Taylor’s husband, Richard Burton, and it didn’t go unnoticed. A source says that Taylor and Burton were in London for a movie premiere when “Princess Margaret was flirting terribly with Richard.” To make matters worse, the source continued by saying that “He was flirting back and Elizabeth was getting very perturbed about it.” The diva-like behavior, however, wasn’t all one-sided. According to Marie Claire, there was a time when Margaret commented on Taylor’s 33-carat engagement ring, but instead of a compliment, she called the piece “vulgar”. Her opinion changed when she tried the huge ring on, and Taylor responded with “Ain’t it great? Not so vulgar now, is it?” Looks like the two women were some of the biggest divas in recent history, and loved trying to upstage each other’s dramatic behavior. 

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