Did Gigi Hadid & Zayn Malik Actually Split? The Truth Behind The Breakup Rumors

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik sparked recent breakup rumors thanks to their lack of public photos and presence on one another’s Instagram feeds, but HL has the EXCLUSIVE scoop about what’s really going on!

No one got recent photos of Gigi Hadid, 23, and Zayn Malik, 25, together for Christmas, and rumors blew up in the days afterwards that the two had possibly broken up…again! After Gigi last shared an Instagram picture of her and Zayn on Oct. 21 (below), we’ve got the scoop on the couple’s seemingly MIA status. “Gigi and Zayn are still together and very much in love,” a source close to Gigi EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife! You can take a breather, especially after we learned about how they spent the holidays. “They have always had a challenging relationship, with lots of ups and downs, but they did spend time together over the holidays and she still considers him her boyfriend,” our source explains.

Zayn was even photographed leaving his apartment, reportedly to celebrate Christmas festivities with the model, according to a post from paparazzi account @papculture on Dec. 24! “Gigi loves Zayn a lot and he makes her really happy,” our source continues. “She loves inspiring his music and watching him write too.” After Zayn dropped his sophomore album, Icarus, on Dec. 14, there was speculation that the romantic odes “There You Are” and “Back To Life” were dedicated to Gigi, giving us some reassurance! Still, we’re hearing that there is some “tension” between these two lovers, who started dating in 2015 and briefly broke up in May 2018.

“But because of busy schedules, it is tough sometimes for them to be together as much as she would like which adds tension to their complicated relationship,” our source adds. Zayn was a no-show at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on Nov. 8, while Gigi didn’t make Zayn’s album release party in New York City on Dec. 13.

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In terms of paparazzi photos, Gigi was last photographed leaving Zayn’s apartment building on Oct. 5. With that said, she’s “uncertain of what their relationship will bring, but for now at least, she still calls him her man,” our source says. Very true — she just addressed Zayn as her “boyfriend” in an interview with Magazine, published on Dec. 3.

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