Demi Lovato & Henri Alexander Levy: Why Dating Post-Rehab Could Be Dangerous For Her

When it comes to Demi Lovato & Henri Alexander Levy, an addiction specialist tells HL EXCLUSIVELY that this rumored new relationship might potentially be ‘really dangerous.’

Demi Lovato was spotted out with fashion designer Henri Alexander Levy, but is it too soon for her to be romantically involved with someone after completing rehab? Addiction specialist and Sober House house manager Jennifer Gimenez told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that putting off a relationship for a year might be the best option. “In early recovery, it’s really important to focus on yourself,” Jennifer told us. “When you’re newly sober there’s one thing you need to change, and that’s everything. It’s essential at that time that you surround yourself with people that only want the best for you, and it’s really important to steer clear of embarking on any kind of romantic relationship for at least a year.”

As of right now, Jennifer believes that Demi’s attention should just be focused on one thing: her sobriety. “As a newly sober and recovering person, you don’t want anything in your life that is going to act as a distraction, and take away your focus from your sobriety,” Jennifer went on to say. “It’s key to recovery to have as many good, healthy people around you as possible. You need a strong support network as sobriety is a scary thing, especially at first. Newly sober people are also extremely vulnerable. They often have a lot of raw emotions, and a lot of issues that they are still working through, so it’s also a potentially really dangerous time for them to become involved in a relationship, which is yet another reason why it’s such a no-no.”

And Jennifer’s advice comes from a place of experience and wisdom. “I know from personal experience that when I became sober I needed to find myself, to deal with my issues, and my traumas, to get myself fully healthy emotionally before I could be in a position to bring somebody else into my life,” Jennifer added. “Building a solid foundation is key to recovery, and that is all you should be focusing on initially.”

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