Daily horoscope for August 13: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Thursday’s horoscope kicks-off with Mars forming a Square with retrograde Pluto. A Square in astrology is a 90-degree alignment between two planets.

This is an aspect capable of revealing the tension, obstacles and challenges in your life that reflect the planets involved.

Astrologers agree this combination can exaggerate the passions.

As a result, you should ready yourself to experience unpleasant emotions.

These can involve anger, lust and jealousy making an unwelcome appearance.

And these emotions may well be exacerbated by the scorching August weather.

Mars and Pluto are considered in some circles to be bullies.

Should a difficult situation present itself at this time, try and draw on your energy reserves.

The best advice is to avoid actively looking for trouble, or you might find it is more than you can take.

Exactly how effectively you can channel your power, stamina and determination will be key today.

Nothing can stand in your way when Mars and Pluto are in play.

The secret is how you embrace both planets’ power in a positive manner.

You should recognise what a difficult balancing act you have on your hands.

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Throwing a tantrum is one of the worst things you can do today.

This is because planet Pluto is in no mood for messing about.

Childish behaviour won’t be tolerated, no matter how Mars encourages bad behaviour.

The Gemini Moon is fortunately on hand at this time, which can somewhat save the situation.

There is simply so much aggressive energy in the atmosphere today.

You may consequently need something to come to your assistance, which arrives in the form of the Gemini Moon.

As the Moon Sextiles Chiron and Mercury, this is sure to open communication channels.

Sextile is formed when planets are two signs or approximately 60 degrees apart.

The danger is palpable, but Asteroid Chiron and Mercury are eager to arrive at a workable solution.

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