Costco is Selling 50-stem Roses Just in For Valentine’s Day & It is Such a Good Deal

Ah, Valentine’s Day! Whatever your relationship status is, the holiday can be happily celebrated alongside your favorite chocolate, bubbly, and (of course) flowers. Let’s be honest, you can never go wrong with flowers as a gift. If you’re looking for the perfect gift to give to your loved one (or even for yourself) on Valentine’s Day, you’re in luck because Costco is selling a gorgeous 50-stem bundle of roses and they come in just about every color you could dream of. Not only will these flowers be a sure-fire way of making someone smile, but for the stellar price of $39.99, you’ll be jumping for joy as well.

“don’t mind me just trying to hint that I like getting flowers for no reason and that 50-stem roses are $40 on Costco,” wrote @jasminericegirl on Twitter. The Costco roses have already gone viral on social media, with thousands of users sharing (and not so subtly hinting) that this is the gift that they’d like to receive this holiday — and it’s not surprising why.

These high-quality bundles are stunning and come in an array of vibrant colors from orange to light pink. Personally, we have our eyes on that red & white bouquet — it’s giving us all the cupid’s day vibes! Costco members can purchase the flowers on the warehouse giant’s website for $39.99 and TBH that’s a steal in and of itself. These roses will be delivered just in time for the big day and will look beautiful adorned anywhere in your house.

Best of all, these roses can be purchased for yourself, by yourself. Staring at your stunning roses will make you feel brighter all-day, and isn’t that the best present?

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