Confectionary firm launches chocolate bar stuffed with cheese & onion crisps

Chocolate lovers have been left baffled by a confectionery firm’s bar of milk chocolate that's stuffed with an unusual ingredient – crisps.

And, we don't mean crispy bits, we mean actual fried potato crisps like you'd get in a pack with your meal deal!

Varieties of the bizarre chocolate bar include ready salted, salt and vinegar and cheese and onion.

Can you imagine chewing on sweet, creamy chocolate only to be hit with a bite of potato? It might just be delicious…

The bar – dubbed a “UK first” – is being sold by Chocolate Moments for just £4.99 so you can grab one for yourself or your crisp loving family members.

Creator Maria Antoniou said: “In lockdown I was sitting on the sofa watching Netflix eating crisps and chocolate and I had a lightbulb moment – the sweet and the saltiness, the crunchy texture with the smoothness of the chocolate.

“I literally jumped up to my work room and created it in a bar.”

Sweet and salty flavours are often paired together in treats like sweet and salty popcorn, chocolate with pretzel pieces and even salted caramel.

But, while we can imagine the ready salted version is a delight to bite into, the cheese and onion combo might be an acquired taste.

Maria added: “I didn’t realise how many people would like it.”

The barmy bar has split opinions, with one buyer branding it “rank”, but some thought it the best innovation in chocolate they'd seen in a very long time.

Becka Palmer said: “My dream, love to eat crisps and choc at the same time.”

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