Claudia Conway Takes on Adele for American Idol Audition — Is It Enough for a Golden Ticket?

The daughter of George and Kellyanne Conway is ready to make her own mark on the world and get out from under the shadow of her famous family.

Katy Perry wasn’t quite sure what to think of the daughter of George and Kellyanne Conway when 16-year-old Claudia first walked in for her “American Idol” audition.

Claudia walked in giggling and smiling and greeting the judges, only to be met with, “Are you okay?”

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It was a pretty funny way to start one of the most unlikely “Idol” journeys of the season. Claudia gained fame as an influencer in large part due to her famous lineage — and her very public feuds with Donald Trump’s former counselor aka her mother!

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While Kellyanne was not able to attend — probably because she’s way too recognizable and was pretty busy around the time the audition taped — George was by his daughter’s side, lending his support just as he supports anyone opposed to Donald Trump.

“This is your time to shine,” her mother told her in a video chat before Claudia’s audition. It was an odd pep talk, with Kellyanne telling her she should be nervous and that “winners are people who are willing to lose.”

She talked extensively about her life growing up in the spotlight and in the shadow of the Trump Administration, while also attempting to find her own voice, which she finally did via social media.

She also emphasized — after Katy asked if her mother hugged her — that she and her mom love one another. This was filmed, of course, before the infamous incident that finally drove Claudia off of social media (where her mother posted a topless pic of her to her own Twitter).

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The family has since come together, with Claudia saying she believes her mother would never do such a thing intentionally. She also said she was taking a break from social media, as TMZ reports law enforcement says an investigation is under way.

As for her actual audition, Claudia took on a lofty challenge, tackling Adele’s “Love on the Brain” before Katy stopped her and pushed her into her second song. Even Claudia had to admit she lost her way on that one.

So why did she pick another Adele song? Kudos to Katy for helping Claudia get into the right head space for “When We Were Young,” because she certainly knows about giving up a normal childhood and looking back on what she’d lost.

Was this time enough to earn her a golden ticket and a trip to the next round in Hollywood? She doesn’t have a mind-blowing range and there is definitely room for work, but she has the tools to grow into something.

We can’t tell if Claudia settling into this track more authentically, or proud papa’s tears just outside the door was more moving, but it was a genuinely powerful moment for both of them!

“American Idol” airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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