Christmas tree hacks: The two best ways to take down your decorations in SECONDS

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Christmas has come to an end, meaning it’s finally time to pack away the decorations. While many Brits have already taken the plunge, thousands of households are yet to box up the festive lights and take down the Christmas tree. Putting the decorations away can seem like a time-consuming chore – but with these hacks, you can clear your home in a matter of seconds.

Decorating your home for Christmas can be a festive activity for all the family, but packing them away can feel far from exciting.

As the nation returns to work and the January blues set in, it’s no wonder many of us delay the big clear-out.

Taking the decorations down can be dull and time-consuming, but there are several crafty hacks that could help you get it done in a fraction of the time.

Frugal Brits have taken to social media to share their top tips for boxing up the decorations and this is how.

Christmas tree covering

Taking the lights, baubles and tinsel off the tree is perhaps the most tedious part of the new year.

Luckily, TikTok user Amy Foster has shared an unbelievable hack to keep your Christmas tree intact ahead of December 2022.

Rather than spending hours dismantling decorations and branches from the tree, simply cover it in a plastic mattress bag with all the decorations left on.

Be sure to place the bag securely around the tree to keep the elements in place and prevent dust from gathering on the branches.

This clever hack will leave your Christmas tree ready to go in time for next Christmas, saving you precious time for assembling and dismantling your festive decorations.

Only use this packaging trick on artificial trees, as real pine will not last until the following year.

Once the tree is wrapped up, store it upright in a large space like a garage where it won’t get in the way.

If you enjoy decorating the tree but want to save time when taking down the decorations, you could modify this hack by only removing baubles and other ornaments while leaving the lights wrapped around the branches.

This way, you can still decorate the tree without having to untangle endless sets of lights.

Mattress bags can be purchased in most Argos stores, bed stores and dry cleaners.

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Wrap your Christmas tree

Another quick way to take your Christmas tree down without removing the ornaments is to wrap it rather than cover it.

This wrapping hack is perfect for smaller homes or if you usually store your Christmas tree horizontally in an eaves cupboard.

You will need a generous amount of cling film for this timesaving hack in order to wrap your decorated Christmas tree up tightly.

While this ‘wrap and store’ method may not be a recent revelation – it is certainly a timeless shortcut which can be used year after year.

In a series of photos posted to Facebook in 2019 by one user, Renae Krivitz, the busy mum showed her shortcut method to keep her tree fully decorated until next year.

Using a roll of plastic cling film, wrap the sticky sheet around the tree width-ways in a cork-screw motion covering the length of the tree.

Continue to wrap the length of the tree by working your way around and down the branches until each gap is covered.

Carefully transport your tree to its storage position, where it can be kept until December 2022.

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